BC, Parks, POFQ Beignets

We’re staying at Beach Club for our next trip. We’ll have a decent amount of downtime. DH insists on going to POFQ for Beignets. I see the beignets are available all day long.

Besides Uber or MinnieVan, what is the best way to get to POFQ from the parks and/or Beach Club?

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Bus to Disney Springs than boat to POFQ?


This would work out well. Dinner at DS, desert beignets at POFQ. How long do you think the boat ride is @MissBelleCA

The one to POR was around 15 minutes. It was very enjoyable and relaxing!

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This works out because we’ll already be at DS 2 evenings during our trip. Thanks!

I would walk to DHS from BC and get the bus from there.

Great! I like options!

I plan on doing this same thing on our arrival day as DD11 really wants beignets. Good to know the boat ride is enjoyable…that was the route I planned.