BC Concierge Level

Does anyone know the range of room numbers for the BC Concierge Level? I know they are on the 5th floor? It’s our first time staying here and I am not certain. I would also like to request a quiet room for I have a daughter with some issues. Any suggestions. We reserved a water view…I am not certain if that was such a great move…I read that the pool music maybe quite loud? Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance

There might be another option but I have stayed in a water view CL room. The music was quite loud throughout the day.

Tinker, thank you for your response. Do you recall your room number?

I don’t ! I tried looking through my sent mail to see if I sent the picture to touring plans but I must have deleted it.

You can view the room map here: https://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-beach-club-resort

Water View CL rooms no. 5687-5725 all face the pool. 5655-5669 Are over the “courtyard” on the opposite side of the entrance, so I belive the pool is mostly blocked here. The walkway towards the beach from the lobby is below, so there might be some traffic. The are in the middle of the floor so probably some hallway noise.

If Garden view is an option for you, I think there might be better options (no personal experience, but based on the map):

5630, 5632, 5634, 5636 - Short hallway, no through-traffic here. These face a courtyard with possibly a beach volley court but otherwise quiet area. The rooms on the other side of that hallway are towards the large pool area but further away. (5627-5637)

And Standard CL:

5700-5724 - these face north towards the river and the parking lot, but are further away from the entrance. Higher number = towards the end of the hallway. room numbers smaller than 5700 will be closer to or above the main entrance and driveway, might be noisy.

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wow! Very helpful!! Thank you so much.