BB or TL AND AK in one day?

So, we are planning our 3rd trip for Aug '22 (previous trips in 2016 and 2018). We have fully intended to try and hit up a water park during each of our prior visits, but it just didn’t happen. Even though each time we go its a 9 day/8 night stay, we never want to give up a 2nd park day. We always end up with 2 full days in each park.

Do you think there’s a way to shoe-horn in some time at a water park on the same day we visit either MK/HS/EP/AK? We do not have park hoppers. Kids are 14 and 16, so we can run them ragged and they will keep rallying! :smile:

I’d personally never give up park time for a water park. Public pools and the like skeeve me out.

But if a water park was a must, I’d lose DHS (or just make it a half-day-if-that park which it is for me as there are only about 2, maybe 3 things I’ll do there) if I absolutely had to do a water park.

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Well, one gets to BB by way of AK (if using the bud, anyway)


Why not just hang at the resort pool? Most have slides- it will scratch the itch a bit…kinda

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We have done a water park/theme park day a couple of times. Blizzard Beach pairs well with Animal Kingdom if you’re using Disney transportation. You have to go to AK to get a bus to BB and then you can take the bus back to AK afterwards. We like to go for the opening of the water park, stay through lunch and then head over to AK. By that point the water park is starting to get crowded.

Typhoon Lagoon is a bit tougher unless you’re driving yourself. There’s not a quick way to get there by bus.

If I were doing it, I would definitely consider getting Genie+ for the day and stacking LLs for the afternoon and evening.


Thankyou! I am determined to make it work this time.
I went to Typhoon Lagoon wayyy back in 1988(or '89?) when it first opened. I was 13, we stayed at CBR, I loooved it. This was my one and only trip to WDW prior to our recent family trips.

Yes, the public pool situation is always gross to think about. This is why we have a scrict closed-mouth policy :joy:! My kids know that you cant trust little kids not to have accidents :poop: in a pool.
We love a good water park, though, and rarely go to them when we are home.

My kids (now 15 and 18) still insist on at least one water park visit on our trips. They really enjoy it.

How old are your kids?

DD14 (will be turning 15 a month after our trip) and DS just turning 17 as of 1 month prior to our trip.

If you have your own vehicle, my teens would recommend Typhoon Lagoon over Blizzard Beach. It had more slides that they liked on our last trip. Blizzard Beach is still fun and is definitely the one to go to if taking buses, but other than the super tall slide, they found it skewed a bit younger.

Hmmm. I really want to get all the bang for our buck, so, Ive got some investigating to do. We will not have a car and are staying at FW.

We drove to TL from Pop since we had a car and it’s really close. But we took a bus to AK and then on to BB when we did it. Then took the bus back to AK for the afternoon and evening.

We planned to get a locker for our suits and towels but discovered that you can’t charge the lockers to your room. You need a credit card. Luckily our beach bag wasn’t too bulky. And the flip flops in it came in handy when the afternoon monsoon hit!

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