BayLake 1 bedroom at 7 months

Hi All, I am renting points from a friend and hoping to get a 1 bedroom at BLT for end of Sept, just 3 nights Thu - Sun. It appears to be pretty open for most room types right now. Do these go quickly at the 7 month mark? I was going to have her try to grab a standard, but thinking it might be safer to go straight for a Lake view? Thanks

I lake view is definitely safer

Thank you! I would love the little extra savings of a standard but that is what I was thinking too. Thank you for the response!

and I believe the studios go first before all other room types. Good luck!

Thank you!

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Agree- the DVC website inevitability shows more Lake View availability than Standard. There Park Views are the next to go, but you can’t grab them sometimes. (High pints though!)

We’ve snagged a Lake View at BLT in the past even through a Bluegreen/RCI exchange.

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