Bay Lake Tower reservations

I just made a reservation for January 2018 for a 2 bdr villa at the Bay Lake Tower. I’m not a DVC member, so I was surprised to get a reservation for a villa. Will our room still be cleaned each day with fresh towels and such, or will our room be treated as DVC member room?

Also, is there a specific room I should request? We have a MK view, which also seems to include a parking lot view. We’d like to be able to watch the fireworks from the room if possible, and see as little of the parking lot as possible. Any specific room numbers that meet these requests?

I stayed at AKL in November and was wowed every step of the way. I’m looking forward to staying on the monorail loop this time, so any suggestions to make the stay at BLT even better are appreciated!

Thank yoU!! =)

You will get daily housekeeping.

You will look over the parking lot to MK. No way round that! But you will be able to see Wishes, and you can get the music for it through the TV too. Not sure about room numbers, but you might prefer to just request a higher floor if that’s your preference. Not sure how well specific room requests work for DVC villas, because the villas available for general (non DVC) booking will be far fewer than those for members.

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