Bay Lake Tower Reservations?

Going to the World first week of November 2017. I would love to stay at Bay Lake Tower but nothing is open. How soon do they open up rooms to non DVC members? Just to explore I tried to get a room in the BL tower for end of October 2016. Not a problem. And I had the Platinum Dining Package option. I thought they did away with that…or is that still on for the rest of this year? OK…guess that’s enough questions right now. Lol. Thank you!!

I believe the DVC members who have BLT as their home resort can book at 11 months out. If you want to stay in a DVC property you can save quite a bit by renting DVC points. It may also give you better availability.

11 for home members 7 for others - agree with Renting

I just looked into it…it’s actually cheaper to rent a one bedroom in BLT than a Lagoon view in GF. That’s crazy!!


We rented points through David’s DVC Rentals for a 1BR suite at Bay Lake Tower for spring break 2017, and then compared rates when the 2017 rates came out. It turns out that Bay Lake Tower only cost about $100 more a night than a family suite at Art of Animation. So we’re feeling pretty good about that decision from a value perspective.


Yes I am amazed. So if I get a reservation, can I put in my confirmation number at go Disney and link tickets and all that to the reservation?


Exactly. We also rented from David’s DVC rentals in 2015 and stayed at BLT in a studio. We loved it. They are very responsive and helpful.