Bay Lake Tower buses

How are the BLT buses to Epcot and HS? We’re staying there for 4 Days, and thinking about BWV for the next 2 due to location. We loved TBC being able to walk to Epcot and HS) that’s sold out but debating BWV for that reason. My husband doesn’t want another split stay but I like them. Would you switch for the convenience of walking to those 2 parks? We’ve only stayed in DVC at AKL, TBC, and Poly. This will be our 2nd trip to Disney.

We LOVE BLT! It is so convenient to walk or take the monorail to MK, Very easy to take the resort monorail to TTC and then switch to Epcot monorail. Never had much trouble with the bus service to AK and HS. The only issue is that the buses also make several other stops like Wilderness Lodge. (not a big deal). I should mention though that the EP monorail can get very crowded after Illuminations. We usually start making our way to the station before the finale.

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