Bay Lake resort boats restarting 1st October

So happy to see this. I just wish they’d been back last Christmas.,-wilderness-lodge,-and-fort-wilderness-resorts-at-walt-disney-world.htm


Just came here for this! It’s about darn time! Hoop just became WAY more attractive for a bunch of people.


This will make a lot of bar crawl / resort visit questions much easier. People always have transportation questions like this where the easiest answer has been “take the monorail to MK and then take the boat to Wilderness Lodge” or whatever. Saving steps.


I had just seen someone post about this on Facebook. That’s awesome news!


Hope this doesn’t mean I will have trouble securing a ressie there in March!

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On the one hand, yayyyyy I’ve been waiting for this watching all of the “repairs” or whatever is happening on the right side of the WL docks :partying_face::partying_face:

On the other hand, we finally decided to do away with Chef Mickeys breakfast (after they moved family style to buffet) in favor of Ohana breakfast and so will not be taking advantage for our next trip :sob::sob:

Except maybe this is another option to get to Hoop de Doo?? But because the loop goes (or used to go) from WL to CR first before FW, they push you to the WL-FW busses.


Looks like the boats will be running n the afternoon and evening.

So using it for breakfasts won’t be an option.


Yes, it makes it much easier from the Contemporary and WL.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Just seeing this. Its perfect for our “laid back” Boulder Ridge stay in March.

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When we were staying at BLT we got SUPER lucky that a man with a van (not what it sounds like) drove us home after Hoop but our trip to get to our Storybook dinner at WL was miserable and I wouldn’t do it again.


by ferry? really?

or when you went and ferry wasn’t available?

The ferry took us over an hour and the Storybook people were not at all kind about it!

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Holy cow really?! I think that must have been unusual. I don’t recall it taking nearly that long when I used the ferry in precovid times! Yikes :frowning:

And that’s crummy that the people at Storybook were unkind.


I was super happy with the ferry when we stayed at Boulder Ridge (albiet in 2020) and it got us to rope drop twice. This was definitely something going on but absolutely zero people were apologetic which I think was the worst part. I had two little kids who were late to dinner already and they had to ask ten different people if they were even willing to seat us! DH was actually in the middle of ordering food at Roaring Forks when they decided that they were willing to set us in a 1/2 empty restaurant at like 7:30pm.


:frowning: inexcusable :frowning:


This sounds like a staffing issue that night. Either not enough servers or not enough cooks/chefs. The empty seats is to make sure one or the other doesn’t get overwhelmed.

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