Bathroom Breaks

Someday soon I will stop asking questions… I promise. Im heading to Disney with my 5 yr old in early July.

How often do you schedule bathroom breaks? And are they easy to get to in the parks?

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Bathrooms are wasy to get to. I suggest at least every two rides (Maybe 3 at rope drop.) Before any ride that has a long wait time, even if they don’t have to go, treat it like a road trip and it’s a long time in between rest stops. Since you must keep hydrated, the bathroom becomes more frequent. This will also help the ‘I gotta go!’ just when it’s about your turn. Now it still may happen, but this will help.

Please don’t worry about the amount of questions, we are glad to help.

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I have gone many times, and I still have questions, granted they are fewer, but they are still there, and I always learn something new here.

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My kiddo is infamous for “I gotta go” right as we are about to do something. Better be safe than sorry!

For some reason my ds5 can hold it forever at disney… It’s like he never wants to miss anything!!! It’s good to know where they are and I usually try to talk him into one or two when we walk by. Secret bathroom for us is the one at ttc… Never anyone in there :slight_smile:

I allow 15 mins every 2 hours in the plan This allows for extra snax breaks looking at shops/flowers and wandering children. If we dont need it fine but the catch up element of doing this is very good. It also makes my plan more realistic. If you have concerns changing walking speed to relaxed or very relaxed gives you more time between rides also.

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Yes, before every long line ride – even if they say they don’t have to go. Asked son, 5, before getting on 7DMT and he said no. 10 minutes in to 45 minute wait we all had to leave because guess who couldn’t hold it?

Did we learn, nope – we have a picture of poor kid almost in tears on Small World because he had to go so bad (annouced this one as we pulled away from the dock). Of course our boat got stuck and we had to wait. As soon as we hit the end husband picked him up and booked to the bathroom - weaving in and out of people exiting. I am sure we pissed people off (no pun intended).


Bathrooms are everywhere, you’ll have no trouble finding one. When I was a kid, my mom’s policy was “before long lines and immediately after meals”, a bathroom break was taken. I still have a tendency to head to the bathroom before getting on Splash Mountain. It’s easy to get so excited that you forget about basic bodily functions. If your DD is the type that doesn’t realize she needs to go until it’s imminent, just stop at every second bathroom you see and insist that she try. I’ve only every had a line for a bathroom at WDW immediately after the fireworks, so it shouldn’t kill too much time. If you’re using a touring plan on the app, you can also always optimize as soon as you’re done.

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We didn’t schedule bathroom breaks into our touring plans, but did re-optimize periodically (after every 2-3 rides). Agree with everything else above, plenty of restrooms, kiddos need to be reminded/pressured to use them because of the distractions.

We also followed the rule that if one person (normally mummy :wink:) needed to go, we all tried. Saved having to make multiple bathroom trips within 10 minutes of each other.

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I think my wife needs a bathroom touring plan. LOL

I know I do, it’s not easy as you get older and pregnancies do put a strain on the bladder that may not hit you until you are older.

In the spirit of things I will says this unto you:
“Laugh it up fuzzball!”


LOVE this picture! Priceless…

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