Batch Download Memory Maker Photos?

I’m probably dreaming here and asking too much, but is there some sort of way I can batch download all my memory maker photos? I explored the website for options but didn’t see any obvious ones. Any tricks or hacks??? Thanks!!!


supposedly there is someway to zip all pics into one file, but I can’t find it either :confused:

Only from a desktop.

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you logon to MDE on a desktop and download from there - here’s a walk through from a site



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Thanks all! Tried it but it kept just shutting down my browser. I broke down and bought the USB. Disney got me again. lolol

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Sorry I forgot to add this @stephyod, but for those reading this thread in the future… I had to turn off a pop up blocker for the bulk download to work. Otherwise, I would only get the first few pictures before getting an error.


My method to download more easily; get my son to do it on my desktop. No idea what he did, but now I have them by date taken and then another larger file with everything. Buying that Mac when he was little has paid off.

To summarize the link provided by @bigmikeh1965:

  1. Open PhotoPass on a desktop browser.
  2. Scroll down to load all your photos.
  3. Select the checkbox for one photo.
  4. Then at the top right of the screen, check the “Select all visible media” checkbox.
  5. Click Download.

Note: you may need to allow pop up windows for this to work.