Basic TP/FPP question

Why does the TP software allow you to choose so many potential FPs?
Ex: you can only have 1 Tier 1 but the pull down menu goes to like 10 or something? What simple thing am I missing where you would select anything other than 1?

I’ll also mention I’m just starting to sort out the pinned post about how to get the TP software to “suggest” times for FPs so you know what to try for at 60 days. I’ve read many of the linked posts but the most recent one is like from 2016 so not sure if process is the same anymore.


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Using drop times and other FPP tips and tricks, it is quite possible to end up with more than your original three. The software gives you the opportunity to add more than 3 so you can see what your day will look like if you are able to get 4+ same day passes.


In addition to pulling 4th+ FP in same day, club levels can now purchase 3 extra FPs per day.

I also use FP to simulate front-of-the-pack rope drop and to time out special events like After Hours.


I considered that but I still have trouble getting my head around it. I guess since I haven’t played with getting suggested FP times yet that that may have something to do with it. Sigh. Thanks.

Didn’t know about the club level thing since not club level. Thanks.

Ok. You just made my head hurt. Saving information for later. Thanks.

I don’t know how to quote stuff yet or more accurately haven’t bother to figure it out. Picking my battles lol.

If you are looking at my post, the process is still fundamentally the same. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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Thanks I am and I will. Just need to play a bit first. Right now I don’t know what I don’t know.

Ok. I think I managed it. I just tried one MK day to see how this works.
My original plan w/o FP is here:
My new plan w/FP (following your instructions) is here:

If this were the only day I was getting FPs for when I hit my 60 day mark I would then go for the 3 earliest FPs in my plan, BTMRR, IASM, and PPF so that once we finish PPF we hope to get the later in the day ones? Am I close to being correct? Then fine tune it once we get actual FPs.

I will have more questions once I’ve done this for each day and park, we have hopper tix. You all are wonderfully helpful people.

Also, I got the pretend FP times from the Availability List just to have an idea of the times they might release. I did use Evaluate rather than Optimize because my precious plans are precious - I gained more than an hour and a half of free time!! Impressive. We will also have DAS and be in ECVs just so you know our situation. Thanks.

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Just a quick glance in my phone, but it looks like you are heading in the right direction.

One thing with your FPPs. The window is 1hr and you can’t let them overlap. So your first 3 need to be adjusted just a little. Push IASW to 10. Then do 11 for PPF. That should solve the overlap issue.

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Thanks! I think I fixed it now.

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On the Touring Plan website they have some great info on Fastpass. When I planned my first trip I used the color graph (scroll to see) to know which attractions need fastpasses more than others.
This is for Magic Kingdom:

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Thanks. I may have already looked at it. The problem being that I looked at lots of things and they went mush in my head. I’ll give it another look once my brain is less mushy. :grin:


I’m not a fan of the “burn FPP early and go for more” approach. My method focuses on getting the three best FPP for the list of intended attractions for the day. I don’t like using FPPs early in they day when they are not as beneficial, and I don’t want to be spending time in the parks monkeying around with MDE and then adjusting my plans.

I think the “burn early” approach works well for WDW veterans who do not have a specific agenda as they have done everything many times. With that flexibility you can then just chase FPPs all day and do a lot of stuff with minimal waits.

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