Basic Sandwiches


I am searching through WDW park menus for basic sandwiches. EG - Bacon, Lettuce, tomato or Ham & Cheese. A standard Club Style sandwich.

My family are not big or extravagant eaters, and I am not wanting to purchase large amounts of food that will otherwise be wasted. I don’t want all the added onions, relish and other toppings (actually, I’d love them but my family don’t) :slight_smile: Are there any Counter Service places that serve a basic sandwich? Ive looked at so many menus from different restaurants/quick service…

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I like to use the search tool on the app and then filter the choices. EoS at DS and some pool bars as well as the bakery in France come to mind.

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Our favorite was at Les Halles…a very basic ham and cheese on a baguette and definitely large enough to share…and that leaves plenty of room for one of their awesome pastries.

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