Basic Question: What time should I eat at Geyser Point?

It’s such a basic question but my brain is full and I can’t make a decision. We will be at WDW next week (3/14-3/20) and the heavy crowd predictions are throwing me for a loop. Here’s the details. Tell me when to go to Geyser Point:

What: Dinner at Geyser Point after a day at MK
Who: 4 adults
Why: We want to enjoy the ambiance, have some drinks with dinner and possibly watch the Water Pageant if we stay late enough (but pageant is not a deal breaker for time)
Goal: When is the best time to go for dinner to avoid the largest crowds?

MK closes at 9 that evening. AK and HS close at 8 that evening. My first thought was to show up around 7 to avoid the after-park crowd, but then was thinking 7:00 is peak dinner time. I’ve never been to Geyser Point- what time should we go to dinner?

Any time - it is just the best break :slight_smile:

In reality - I was in MK for MLK 2020 with CL 10s. An early dinner was perfect. We ate a bigger breakfast and then just snacked so that we could ride while others ate during peak hours. Then we went to eat late afternoon and came back over for the evening hours.