Basic bus question

11 days to go and after 6 months of learning from the kind folks here on TP I am coming up with questions that seem REALLY basic… (but with the trip so close I am now thinking in terms of day-to-day tactics :)).

If I am at one park and want to park hop to another (and I am staying on site), I can just take a bus direct to another park, correct? I dont have to go to a resort and then bus to another park (though I think that is the case when going from DTD)?

I’m pretty sure there are park to park busses. No worries!

Have a great trip. 11 days will fly by!

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Correct, there are buses between parks. You also have the option to walk or take a boat between the Studios and Epcot, but there is also a bus there.

You are correct that you cannot currently take a bus directly from one of parks to/from Downtown Disney.


This may have changed, but last time I was “home”, I tried to take a bus from EP to MK. I think I was trying to avoid the hills up to the monorail. There was no bus service EP/MK or MK/EP. YMMV. Have a great trip!

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Yup, can’t go from DTD direct to a park. WDW did this to counter people wanting to park for free at DTD. But, you can most certainly go from any park to any park directly on a bus.

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Good info, thank you all for the help!