Based on technology best order to visit WDW parks?

We took our granddaughter to WDW about 8 years ago. At that time, I found a recommendation on the best order to visit the parks that was based on the technology. The suggestion was to start with the park with the oldest technology for the rides and end with the newest. It generalized each park, not a ride by ride analysis. The theory was that a ride would not disappoint only because you had already been on a more sophisticated one.

We are now planning a trip June 2018 with our 10 year old grandson. Is there any such current list/recommendation of the parks?

I haven’t seen one but my list as a passholder that goes with my sons age 10 to 21 frequently would be, based on the technology criteria… 1. Magic Kingdom (lowest) 2. Epcot 3. Disney Hollywood 4. Animal Kingdom (highest). However, I am not sure when the Star Wars and Toy Story additions come in for Disney Hollywood. If anything opens before your time coming, I’d switch the last two.

That being said, I would definitely in June attend the parks based on crowds rather than technology because June is a very hot and busy season and the crowds make it absolutely miserable. I’m a local resident of Central Florida and I know the kind of heat that is here in the summer. It is oppressive.

I would get on touring plans and go to the lowest crowd park for each date. And word to the wise… Whatever the crowd level increase it by two, otherwise your expectations could be dashed. In other words, if it’s listed for a crowd level of 7 expect 9. Touring plans has been consistently off by two this past year. They have been accurate on which park is the least and most crowded however and you can rely on that, just no that number level.

After observing my sons, there is not build up or disappointment from park to park now that there are interesting rides at each park.

When I ask them what is their favorite park none of them ever give me an answer. It always depends.

I actually think that’s a really weird theory. Personally I don’t judge rides by the technology they use, I judge them by how much I enjoy them. Look at how many people say Peoplemover is their favourite attraction - you may not know but it’s a lot!!

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Interesting idea however with todays technology I believe that the best way to select the order of the parks is to look at the crowd calendar. We all know that the best parks for children are those with less people, short lines, and more time on the rides.

Crowd levels and opening times first. Our first day opened at 8am and was crowd level 3 for MK - we got around so many rides in that first 90 mins. Technology wise I don’t think matters. We still thought Space Mountain was better than FoP by the end of the holiday and its a very old ride. And Poeplemover at night was lovely with no fancy tech. Depends on what your grandson will like - my 8 year old daughter liked RnR the bet but was still delighted we did our last night at MK (with Space Mountain twice)

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