Baordwalk vs Coronado vs Animal Kingdom over Thanksgiving

We are booked on DCL and are now looking into a WDW visit pre cruise. Things I should point out, it’s Thanksgiving week (we would be there over Thanksgiving and the weekend after) there are 12 of us including 4 toddler/preschoolers. We can get in on the last day of Free Dining which seems helpful with our crowd.

We’ve stayed at BC and Dolphin and love being able to walk to EPCOT & HS. Boardwalk is our only option for an EPCOT resort during our dates & budget. It’s more than our other options but so convenient to those parks. The rooms and resort feel are the part I question.

CSR is an option as is AKL. They both look nice but seem far and bus only. GF is a available but I’m not sure I want to pay the extra.

Thoughts on Boardwalk, overall? What would you chose from these options?

Thanks from the Grandma of this group!

With kids I would probably go for AKL. So much for them to do at the resort, and the pool is zero-entry so much more child friendly. Could also be nice for the group to try something new? The bus rides really aren’t that long, the longest is about the same as to MK from the Boardwalk.

We stayed at the Boardwalk in April and loved it. AKL is wonderful, but for a short trip (assuming you will be in the parks mostly), I would stick with BW where you can walk to 2 parks. If only going to relax, then I would choose AKL. Coronado is a great resort, but transportation isn’t as good since you have to rely on a bus everywhere.

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We’re staying at the Boardwalk right now and are loving it. So convenient to walk to two parks. And the whole boardwalk area is fun in the evening.
I do love AKL too but I agree with @Wahoohokie that it is especially good for relaxing and resort time.

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Well, that escalated quickly…Yacht Club with dining plan opened up and I upped the budget and booked it :). Thank you all for your help!


Been there!!