Banned items on board

I was just reading over the list of things not allowed on board. Most of them are no brainers (DS13 was disappointed no drones allowed, but we wouldn’t have let him take it anyway). However, there were two items listed at the end which surprised us. No Blueray/DVD players? And no extension cords?

Anyone have experience with this? Are the media players banned because they don’t want you hooking them up to their TVs or is there something else? Also, why no extension cords? I thought I read in the Unofficial guide that these were a must on a cruise. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyone have experience with these items? If no extension cords, are there enough plugs for ipads, etc?

Also, now that I think of it, is there any wifi on the ship or is it prohibitively expensive and no one uses it unless their company is paying for it? What about cell use/availability?

Sorry, no help here.just had to comment on no drones allowed. Your poor son, I feel for him,hope he can still enjoy the cruise. That made my day.thank you!

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When they say extension cords, I think they are referring to the orange type of cord that one might use to run power to another part of the room. If you’re thinking of a power strip for extra charging capability, that’s probably fine.
Re: the DVD player, I’m thinking they don’t want you to bring home electronics on board. A portable player is likely fine but the 10 lb. version that you use with your home theater is a no-no.

Found this:
Disney Cruise internet & phone service

Thanks for the link re: cell/wifi service. I hadn’t seen that.

Yes, I was just thinking of a little surge protector with a couple of spots for USB plugs.

I think something like this is fine:
multi port usb charger

I recall that they do not want surge protectors on board. Again, they are probably referring to the 25 lb. UPS devices. Not a little personal device.

This is the one I have:

Hopefully that will be okay. If not, I could look at the one you posted, too.

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That’s really nice. Perfect for travel!

They mean all surge protectors. It has to do with the ship’s electrical system.
There may not be a tv hook up for the DVD.
This fellow knows his ship. If you want more details , search his name and surge protector at cruise critic


Thanks for the post, Elaine. That was very informative. I would have thought the surge protectors were okay, but not the extension cords, but it’s the other way around (sort of). I wonder how many people ignore these rules. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of a fire and I sure don’t want to be on a ship with a fire, either.

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He is very informative on how ships and maritime laws.