Ballad of a Planner

Tis 61 nights fore Disney, and all through the house
not a creature is stirring, so you can actually hear my mouse.
It goes clickety click as I’m selecting with care
each step of each day, 2 months 'fore we get there!

I long to be nestled all snug in my bed,
while visions of Dole Whips dance in my head
But alas I sit clicking through each touring map,
just hoping that I might have time for a nap.

Because in just 5 more hours my plans must be done.
I simply MUST get these Fast Passes if we want have fun!
With this much agida I won’t sleep a wink,
all of this anxiety might drive me to drink.

But this is the last step, the last mountain to climb
and from here on out it’s only biding my time.
The plans will be done, but for a few little tweaks
so now I can relax for the next 8.5 weeks.

I’ve done all my research, and come 7 o’clock
I’ll have my list and my login, ready to rock.
I know My Disney Experience like the back of my hand,
and I know all of the parks, from Epcot to Frontierland.

More rapid than eagles, how fast I will be,
going after the big one, the prized FoP.
And I’ll have RoL, FEA, and then Toy Story
with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as the crowning glory.

After that all the rest will fall into place,
and by 9am I’ll have a smile on my face.
All will be well, and I’ll have not a care
till they change the CLs with barely a week left to spare!


Wow! Brilliant!


That was fantastic!

I loved the last line!!!

Love it!

I wish I could give 10 hearts for this! I love, love , love it! Thank you!

Well done!

Truly expresses what all on here go thru, great job

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I am especially fond of “…I won’t sleep a wink” & “all of this anxiety might drive me to drink”! I’m the primary planner for a group of 10 & those two lines sum me right up! We’re 64 days out so I’m right with you!

I was trying to describe to my husband what I’ve been doing - calculating what time to arrive at a park prior to park opening for RD, and going backwards to then figure out what time we need to leave our resort in order to get there in time. And then go backwards to figure out what time we need to wake up in time to get ready & get to the bus stop. And then going backwards from there to see what time I think we’ll get to bed the night before in order to determine if the wake up time is not only do-able but healthy! And then having to tinker the plans for the night before or adjust the ones for that morning if the timing doesn’t mesh well! Ugh!


Best thing ever!

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Totally awesome! :heart_eyes:

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Aaaand the inevitable reprise…

So here we are, with 10 days to go.
The plans have been made, but wouldn’t you know?
My wonderful mother just booked her fare,
so now we’ll have a 5th wheel to spare.

What of our plans, ADRs, and Fastpasses?
She doesn’t have any, she must wait with the masses.
She says she won’t mind, she just wants to be there.
As long as it’s warm she just doesn’t care.

We’ve had cold weather for barely a week,
but she can’t cope so I’ve made a few tweaks.
It’s the best I could do after such a wrench,
for everything else she can sit on a bench!


I love it!!

Oh my!

I had a stress cry last night when she “surprised” us, but now I’ve gotten over it and come to the conclusion that any problems she has with her trip are above my pay grade. Luckily we had some 1-day tickets in my account that I can assign to her for now, so I could try for a few FPs before we pick up her military hopper when we get there (because it’s too late to order it), and a few of our ADRs were leftover from when we were still planning on having a group of 8 (at the 180-day mark) instead of 4.

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These days so many ADRs pop up the night before- you never know. Think of this as a challenge! I know you will have a great trip regardless!

I’m so sorry this has happened so close to your departure!