Balancing Act

Hello all!

DD12, DSister and myself are WDW bound in about a month! We are signed up for Princess Weekend and cannot wait. After my mom’s cancer diagnosis in November we thought we’d just cancel until she could come with us as originally planned but my mom, my DH and my BIL all strongly encouraged us to go and run in her honor so here we are!

My Sis (36) hasn’t been to the parks in 30 years. My DD has been a bunch. Sis is up for tagging along to whatever but isn’t too eager to do a lot of rides (lack of interest, motion sickness issues). She initially even offered to hang out at the resort and not go to the parks but DD really wants to go play with her aunt and ride/do all the things. :heart:

Trying to think of best options for her. She and my BIL love to hike and we’re booked at WL. I think she’ll love the vibe here. She gets in Friday afternoon and her and I are running the 10k Saturday morning.

We have APRs for Epcot Saturday and MK Sunday. ADRs for Artist Point and Skipper’s.

What are some things in WDW that you have had ‘non-Disney’ folks be surprised by/really enjoy? She is an English teacher so I’m hoping/thinking she’ll really appreciate the storytelling aspect of things.


I haven’t been to Disney in a long time - but my mom is generally ride averse. Some things she has enjoyed - World Showcase at EPCOT, Liberty riverboat, Hall of Presidents, watching parades/cavalcades, shows (Philharmagic, Monsters Inc, etc).

This report listed a lot of different paced things that you could enjoy with her. Obviously @JERancher took a quick pace, but there might be some items in there that call to you!

Solo WDW Trip Report: Dining, Six Resorts, and Enchanting Extras, Oh My!?


She can always do what I do when traveling with my sister and her daughter. Tour with them. They go on Dino or Tower of Terror or etc and I hold down a bench and chat up whoever’s in earshot and too polite to ignore me.

Or we go to the same park and agree to meet at this place for lunch or maybe the Safari or Pirates or Tiki Birds and experience that. And I explore on my own in between.

Or the ones who’ve been a bunch can skip their usual thrill seekers and have a whole new trip. We did this with my cousin (neck issues) and her DH (bad back). We did do Pirates and Spaceship Earth but mostly did Tiki Birds, Carousel of Progress, Safari, Living Seas, World Showcase. We had a great time sharing these bits of Disney with newcomers. Completely change it up. :smile:


When you said that she might enjoy the storytelling aspect, and that y’all are staying at WL, I immediately thought of @JERancher 's report and the Wilderness Lodge tour that she took. She might really like that.


Hi @deep! I hope you’re doing okay in these days— sounds like you have a fair bit on your plate.

For ride-adverse folks, I tend to look towards things that don’t have height requirements. For MK, what comes to mind are things like the Liberty Belle, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Pirates. I also would wonder about the shows— Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, and Mickey’s Philharmagic. If she hasn’t been to Disney in that long, who knows; she might enjoy meeting Mickey, or a favorite character perhaps?

For EPCOT, you could really rock World Showcase and all of those shows (American Adventure and Impressions de France are my favorites).

Wilderness Lodge is a great vibe, and the Wonders of the Lodge tour is pretty great for anyone who likes Walt Disney and/or American history. There is also a fair bit to do at WL. If they like hiking, I believe there are trails at Fort Wilderness as well.

I hope you have a great time on your trip, even as you think of the grief that you’re holding. Hang in there.


Yeah, so @limegreenmonorail’s excellent website has some more info. I know you all are at WL and not Fort Wilderness. But the Fort isn’t far and has kayaking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, etc. Might be up your sister’s alley.

I thought of Sangria U too, but I’m not sure I’d DD12 would be allowed to tag along, so that might not be ideal.

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I’m hoping she’ll tag along and enjoy the atmosphere!

I have considered doing a completely different trip than normal. Much less ride focused and more atmosphere focused. It’s so short too I don’t think it’ll make DD too restless or bored.


So much great info, thank you @JERancher! I completely missed your trip report. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time lately to keep up with everyone as I’d like to. I’m for sure going to check it out. Eager to hear how your experience was with the tour at WL.

Thank you for your kind words as well. My mom is fighting even though all the shit keeps flying. 8 days post chemo infusion she fell and catastrophically broke her hip so now she’s working to rehab that while NOT FALLING AGAIN!! Next chemo treatment has only been pushed back a week tho so we’re still rolling.


We had that kind of trip with my cousin and her DH. Seeing the World thru their eyes, and with the focus on as many attractions as Walt himself might have had a hand in, was great.

I bet! I think DD will love showing her all the little secret/hidden details she’s noticed over the years. And DD and I get two park days (one in HS and one in AK) before she gets there so we’ll get to do some riding regardless!


Sharing is the best!

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Oh no! I’m so sorry. {{{hugs}}}

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that.

Thank you @SirGreggLadyV and @missoverexcited. It was one of those are you kidding me turn of events!