Baggage on checkout day

I think I’m going to take a redeye out of LAX so I can get an almost full last day in the parks. I know in WDW anyone can drop their bag with any WDW hotel and retrieve it later in the day. Could I do that at GCH on my last day? Also if I did do that, what time should I head to LAX for a 10pm flight?

Ooops, at first I responded without fully reading your post. I know for sure you can if you are staying there, but unsure if you can if you are not. My guess would be no, but I might be wrong. You probably should be able to leave it at the hotel you are staying at.

If you took your bag to bell services, I’m not sure they would know you aren’t a guest. You could be a guest even if your name isn’t on the reservation.

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