Bag ideas for wands

Normally when going, I take a backpack to hold my items because I knew I could put it in a locker if I needed to. However, with the new small lockers, I’d probably be okay with a travel belt or small purse to hold my wallet and phone. The dilemma comes with where to keep my wand when we’re walking around. I’d want to have it with me when visiting hp, but have no other need the rest of the day (we never go back to the hotel). Have any of you had success with finding a small backpack or crossover bag that can hold a wand? I saw people have purchased wand holders, but I probably wouldn’t spend money on that.

My husband just made some wand holsters out of some old scrap fabric we have. He just folded it over and then closed up one end and then added some sort of velcro thing near the top. If you like to sew that might be an option.

I used one of those lightweight drawstring backpacks. I got a cute Deathly Hallows one on Amazon for pretty cheap. It made it easy to fit in lockers or on my lap for rides.