Bag Checks at opening - does everyone go through?

I hear a lot about bag check. Does everyone have to go through bag check to get into the parks?

If we have three of us, and only one bag, can two of us go through a faster/shorter line and get in more quickly while one of us goes through with the bag?

I’m especially thinking of HS rope drop where we need to get to Jedi sign up quickly!

Or am I completely misunderstanding the way you enter the parks now?

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The bag check lines are before the ticket lines. There is also an entrance for people without bags. You would then all meet and enter through the ticket line.

Yes, if you want to get to JTA signup faster, the parent with the bag can wait in the bag check line while the bag-less parent and kid go through the no bag line. However, if you get there early enough before RD, you should all be able to get through bag check before the tapstiles even open. That’s the ideal situation…to be through the bag check area and on the left side tapstiles well in advance of RD. Once that area between bag check and tapstiles gets full, you’re not going anywhere quickly, bag or no bag, even if it is before RD.

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So bag check is “open” earlier than rope drop - how early can you go through bag check? You want to be in the area between bag check and turnstile as early/close as possible I gather. sorry amateur questions :slight_smile:

Yes, they let you go through bag check and line up at the turnstiles. I have never seen then closed, do at least an hour before opening.

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