Bag and other new must knows

Hi Everyone.
I’m having such a hard time trying to find information for our upcoming trip to Disneyland and DCA.

Can someone link me to where I can get some answers?

Are there bag restrictions?
Outside food still allowed?
Kids don’t have to have a negative test to enter?

Thanks in advance!

No bag restrictions that I can think of. Food and drink is allowed. No glass containers. I believe you are still not allowed to bring in ice though. No one in our party was asked about vaccines on the 22-25. I believe that is only LA county and DL is in Orange County.

Here is a link that might help

Now that the children’s vaccine is rolling out, I expect to see changes to COVID protocals (not just Disney, but other places as well).

Unless our numbers skyrocket, I don’t foresee any drastic changes at DLR.


For the testing and other Covid related procedures and updates, Disneyland has a specific page on their website which you can access here

The short answer of the testing is it is not required, but it is highly recommended by the state. When you purchase tickets/make reservations you’ll also have to acknowledge that you understand the recommendations and agree to the health acknowledgment that you won’t come to Disney if you’re under quarantine or isolation orders or exhibiting symptoms. But no one will check on or follow-up on that once you’re in the park.

The only restrictions for bags are that you may not bring:

  • Suitcases, backpacks or similar bags with wheels
  • Suitcases, backpacks or similar bags larger than 24" long x 15" wide x 18" high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm)

You can find the full list of items not permitted here

Outside food is definitely still allowed, so long as (already mentioned) no glass or loose ice.

Thank you so much!

One more question…looks like there is no available reservations for dining. What or where is there to eat? Can you still reserve when you get there? I really wanted to have a Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans.

What suggestions do you have for me?
Or link to a discussion thread?

Sorry I scrolled back up and don’t see your trip dates so hoping I didn’t miss them. You can book dining 60 days out. And in order to get the reservation you want you need to be on and READY to reserve at 3am PST on the dot. Reservations are gone in literal minutes. If you’ve already passed the 60 day mark for your trip try signing up for Mouse Watcher to snag a cancellation. And if all of that fails Smokejumpers Grill in DCA is now serving the Monte Cristo and it’s quick service so no reservations required! It’s not the same vibe as a sit down restaurant but at least you’ll check it off your must do list


I got a Cafe Orleans reservation at about 45 days prior to my trip. Not all restaurants put out availability 60 days in advance. So just keep checking. But DL had some really good quick service places. Love Plaza Inn’s fried chicken!


There also seems to be a decent amount of walk-up availability held back for some select restaurants, both the in past and today.

In the past we’ve been able to walk-up to Cafe Orleans most times (exception being busier holiday weekends) especially by trying early in the day at 11 or off-peak of mealtime at 3ish.

Currently Cafe Orleans has the walk-up list enabled in the DL App so that’s a good indicator that they often have walk-up availability still. To join the walk-up list you do have to be within a certain range of the restaurant and there has to be capacity on the list (some restaurants run out fairly quickly within minutes of the walk-up being opened) so you’ll just want to check early. I believe they open the walk-up list around the same time as the restaurant opens but I would plan to be near the restaurant within 15-20 minutes of opening and try on the app and if any issues, check with the cast members just outside the restaurant and they will be happy to direct you how to look & check and if there’s any technical issues, they can also add to the walk-up list at the restaurant. So a little less structured than a reservation, but a great option to fit it in if you missed out.

And yes, if all else fails, Smokejumpers does have it without any hassle of walk-up or reservation and has Mobile Ordering to make it even easier.

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I wanted fried chicken last week from Plaza Inn! But it needed an ADR. :tired_face: I remembered it being QS.

Goofy’s Kitchen breakfast didn’t drop until like 45 days in the middle of the day.

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Other than breakfast, I thought Plaza Inn was quick service. But looking at the app, it almost looks like it is reservations only. But when I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, it only talks about reservations for breakfast.

They have a parade viewing package right now that needs a reservation, but they should still have the walk up QS like they always do for lunch and dinner. @stlouie, did you actually go the restaurant and try to get in and they sent you away? This would be new if they did, before they always let you either book the package for parade viewing or just walk up for QS dining.


I didn’t actually go in. I looked in my app and it wasn’t available as a mobile order. I then assumed that it was by reservation only. :grimacing: I’m hearing that I missed out on fried chicken that I could have had!

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I guess you just need another trip. :smile:

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