Badges? What do they all mean :)

I was very excited to receive some badges… Can someone explain what all the badges mean?

Sure this should explain them… They will be adding more in the future!

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@LaurelStewart Can I have my Leader badge back? What did I dooooo??? /sobs over piano keys/

Leader was Trust Level 3 which is reseting for everyone tonight I believe.

Is there a feature that would let us set our own titles not tired to badges @laurelstewart? That would be fun.

I don’t think it’s possible as the site is set up now.

What does it take to get the autobiographer badge? I have created a profile. What else must be done? Thanks!

I very seriously considered flagging one of Laurel’s posts earlier today, just for the badge. Then I figured all the mods have enough on their plates right now!

I edited a post, but I didn’t get the editor badge. And I’m pretty sure we all deserve the “That’s the Way It Was and We Liked It!” Badge.

Ah-ha!! I just discovered that I can navigate around the site with my text box still open!!
And when I went to reply to this, rather than edit it, a red box appeared suggesting that I not reply multiple times. Technology is cool.