Bad News Folks, WDW retracting the July 11th opening date for Resort Hotels

They have dropped the “and resorts” portion from the WDW website.

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Wow. That changes things drastically! Eager to find out more.

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Wow!! That’s some mistake!


Million dollar question is when will the resorts be opening…

Speculation had been to test with AP and DVC first so I guess that was true

I’ve posted this a couple of times before but Bob Chapek told Bloomberg in an interview yesterday that Disney is implementing a brand new reservation system, getting rid of the old system and moving everything over to the new system.

For the first time, Disney will manage park attendance through a new system that will require all guests to obtain advance reservations for entry. The details of this system will be announced soon. “It’s gonna take some time to take the millions of reservations that we’ve already got on the books and then switch that over to a new reservations system,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek told [Bloomberg News]

This is going to take a little time. I am not familiar with DVC reservations but I imagine that they are a seperate system, that might be why DVC is a go, while Resort Hotels are still on hold.

It was a major screw up to put word out too soon, but let’s see if this mistake will cause some quick damage control.

So only the more expensive resorts are opening, because it specifies ‘and guests’? Would that mean that if you had a reservation at a hotel that contained DVC rooms would you still be able to go?

Makes sense with what I was seeing when trying to change my resort for July (I don’t really want to change, just looking at options). The only resorts we can switch to are the DVC resorts. The non-DVC parts of the deluxe resorts, plus the values and mods except the Cabins are not available.

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For August, I can switch to Pop and AoA, but none of the other values nor moderates.

Doh :flushed:

I would think they would mean those people staying at SVC whether they themselves are members or are guests of members


Oh man – what does this mean???

It means Disney just wants to torture us.


I think you’re right.

We’re currently booked at the end of July at WL but not in the DVC part.

As originally published for reference:

“* New Disney Resort Hotel Reservations: At this time, new reservations at Disney Resort hotels are temporarily paused so we can focus on Guests with existing reservations (Disney Vacation Club Members can still make new reservations). Reservations will resume after that period of time.

Upon reopening, theme parks, Disney Resort hotels, restaurants, attractions, experiences and other offerings may be modified and will be limited in capacity and subject to limited availability or closure, based on direction from health experts and government officials to promote physical distancing.“

Just so I understand, if they are “focusing on guests with existing reservations”, is that to cancel them? That does not pass the smell test.
I feel like we’re misinterpreting that the resorts won’t be open. Besides that all of the DVC resorts except Riviera are part of a non-dvc resort in some capacity, and by extension will be open. I don’t think I’m being overly optimistic, but anything is possible.

I think everything from now until we hear from disney this is all speculation. I honesyly think it means exactly what it says. So maybe the resort you originally picked wont be open doesn’t mean they all wont? They may in fact have to juggle some reservations around. I would yry not to read to muc into anything at this point. Although it does make for some good fun🤪

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Perhaps I’m just being overly optimistic, but since they are going to have DVC resorts open, why wouldn’t they open the non-DVC sections of those resorts? I am inclined to believe they’re not simply going to cancel everyone that isn’t DVC but perhaps they just mean that not every resort will be open?

I’m not sure I’d call it “fun.” Entertaining? Yes! The speculation gives me something to do. :smiley:


There may have been some sarcasm in the mention of fun there lol :wink: