Bad ankle + rides to avoid

Any rides to avoid while recovering from broken ankle? Happened on 2/15, surgery 2/26, traveling May 13th. Just started walking in the lovely boot/aircast thing. Will probably use a scooter but I can get in any ride vehicle on my own. Are any rides particularly rough on ankles?? Or not fit in since I’m in a boot? Thanks!

I don’t recall any rides where I felt my feet/ankles/legs were banged around and most seemed to have plenty of room that a boot would fit. The only one I’m wondering about is Space Mountain. Having trouble remembering how much area there is around your feet on that one. I’m betting you will be fine. Have fun!

Someone will correct me but I’m pretty sure Flight of Passage will be a no go because of the calf thickness of a boot.

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That is the one I was worried about. I managed to get a fast pass so I will be sad if I cant ride it!

I have large braces on both my legs and had no issue with FOP and have seen reports of people who have done it in the equalizer boots and had no issue. I think it will all depend on how big it is, but it’s definitely not a complete deal-breaker.

And as for rides to avoid, I wear these horrible braces because I have foot and ankle issues in general. None are too rough, but getting out of some can be the difficult part - Space Mountain and Rock and Roll Rollercoaster come to mind. They sit lower and it’s tougher to hoist yourself out with bad ankles (more difficult, but not impossible! - I do it every time).

We just went in March and my daughter had a walking boot on for our trip and was able to ride everything with it on. I too was worried about FOP but it was no problem. I was also worried about Soarin’ because your feet are dangling but they let her keep it on. As a precaution she did have a small slip on shoe available just in case they made her take it off on any of the rides but she never had to use it. Now Universal was a totally different story a few years ago.

thank you! would love to hear about your experience at universal as well, we are going to both parks on the same trip

A few years ago my other daughter had a walking boot on and when we went to Universal they made her take it off for the big rides. We were fine with her taking it off (I"m sure it was for safety reasons) except she went barefoot on those rides (yuck) because we didn’t think to bring a shoe. So my advice would be to a take a shoe with you (I know that’s a weird statement).

I would be wary of any ride where you might try to brace yourself. I don’t think I’d do Space Mountain or BTMRR, as sad as I would be to skip the latter.

thanks for the tip! I should by then be able to take it off and go very short distances without it so I will hopefully be ok. I will bring my left shoes even though they are useless right now.

Yes I was worried about roller coasters where they my ankle might get banged up against a side or if as a reaction I would put too much pressure on it. that will hard since I’m a roller coaster lover but my kids are only 3 and 6 so im sure we’ll be back!

Also at Space Mountain, request to ride in the front of either rocket (1 or 4). Otherwise I worry the boot won’t fit down the sides. When I worked there we had to shuffle people around for this quite a bit.

I was in a walking boot 2 years ago and didn’t have any issues with the rides at WDW. You may want to bring some ziplock bags that you can have filled up with ice at the parks so you can prop & ice your foot as needed. I found that warm weather combined with all the walking/standing made my foot swell a lot!
We also spent a day at Universal and I had to remove my boot for several of the rides there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put my foot into a shoe so I had to walk around with just my sock on but, I made do for the most part. :slight_smile:
Hope you have a great trip.

I’d be leery of Space Mountain. Granted, I had a backpack stuffed by my feet, I’m a 50yr old guy in relatively decent shape, and I sure felt wedged in there.