I know everyone is all about the packing cubes (I just ordered some!) Any suggestions for a backpack for in the parks?


Interested in this thread as well!
I just started thinking about a good park bag for our trip next month. I always try to pack light but will also have two kids (DS4, DD2) in tow so will need some essentials. I’m hoping to pack a small tote with diapers/wipes, a change of clothes, snacks, etc. and keep that in the stroller. I can then carry a small bag for my camera, phone, and wallet - preferably a messenger style bag? Gonna look through our camping gear to see if I have a small day pack that will work.
What is it about Disney that makes me over think everrrrrrrything?! :wink:


Ahhhh one of my favorite subjects! Weird, I know. I see from your avatar photo that you have a kid so I don’t know how much my experience will help, but my WDW go bag(I live nearby and have an AP) is a slingbag. I’ve noticed that I’m a little more cool in the summer if I don’t have the straps running under both underarms. It’s also easer for me to get something out by just pulling it around than taking it off.

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Yea, when we went last May and I used a friend’s backpack. I had a sweaty back print the entire trip. I’m thinking a sling bag may work better. My daughter is 2. Shes potty trained so I wont need diapers but I’m sure ill need a change of clothes for her, some wipes, snacks, ponchos and water bottles, ect. I just want something on the smaller side. Anyone have bags that have an insulated section?

That’s a great idea. I think we may need a bag to carry around some of our things at the parks, and a sling bag might just be perfect. I’m wondering, though, if a sling bag might be a little big since there are just two of us. Is there a list somewhere on TP that shows some of the things that one might want to bring along to the parks.

I actually do have one that has a built in cooler. It’s not a sling bag. I bought it to carry snacks and whatnot but I’ve only used it twice because I don’t want to move everything back and forth between the two. I should probably just slowly fill the one with the small cooler with the stuff I need and then I wouldn’t have to fool with it. 1st world problems…

Do you know what brand it is?

Ok here’s what’s in mine at any given time. They pack I have has lots of pockets and pouches. Two small ponchos, portable battery(with built in flashlight) and cords to recharge phone. Very small 1st aid kit with some Band-Aids, Neosporin, eye drops etc. . Hydration tabs to put in water bottles. Hard case for sunglasses, two glow sticks that I take out and hang on the front and back of the pack at night when guiding friends/relatives about the park so they can key on me more easily when moving around in a crowded park. Some wet wipes, AP hard cards, TiW card, any gift cards people give me for birthday and Christmas. Bubblegum (can’t buy it in the parks) My “other” keeps a small bottle of lotion and lipstick/gloss in the Pack.

Now in the summer I’ll have frog togs in there.

I have a small soft side cooler that I can put some drinks or a snack in and carry with me sometimes and I always bring my tablet with me for downtimes and the fact it gets a better wifi signal for things like making impromptu dining rezzies

This configuration works well in the warmer months, the pack is small and most of the things are tucked away in pouches so the pack is pretty low profile and it’s easy to keep under my legs for rides like Space Mountain and Rockin Roller-coaster. I’m still trying to find a good solution for the cool season. Sweat shirts, jackets and the like are bulky and take of a lot of room, I don’t like feeling like a turtle but sometimes I turtle it up.


This one: I got it for 19.99 on some outlet website. It may have been last years model or discontinued. My sling pack is a Thule that I got on clearance someplace.

I use this:

Lots of pockets, which are a pain for bag check, but are good for my OCD. I like having camera batteries, poncho, hat, snacks, etc. in easy to reach and easy to find locations.

Thanks for your list. It was very helpful. I wouldn’t have thought of a number of the items you noted, so I added them to the list I was working on after seeing this post this morning. Some other things I thought of were sunblock, moleskin, portable phone charger, sealable bags for phones, printout of TP.

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Last Two trips I used Vera Bradley Midnight Mickey backpack slung over one shoulder. I clipped a small camera and my refillable cup onto the outside. It worked great, held poncho, first aide kit, glasses case, small wallet for ID and AP, extra MagicBand (I didn’t have all of them keyed to the room) mini iPad or iPod, NewTrent charger and cord, pen and container to store “leftovers” ie cupcake, and had room left over for small purchases

Here’s the one I used last trip. Easy to get on and off, and enough pockets for what I needed. I could also swing it around without taking it off if i needed something quick. I got mine on ebags I believe.

Just curious - are you referring to the refillable cup that comes with the dining plan? I’m planning to use our dining plan refillable cups to take into the parks so I don’t have to bring water bottles from home (trying to save as much space as possible in our luggage).

Has anyone used their resort’s refillable cups for the park (to fill with water once in the park)? Do they seal well? Do they have a carabiner attached?

Nicccce. I was looking hard at the Maxpedition slings, but I really wanted to see one in person to get a better feel for the size and I’m also afraid Disney security would think I’m packing when I come in. I would like something a bit bigger than I have now, so I may have to take a second look…

Love my Baggallini Messenger Style Sling Backpack. Light weight, smaller than a normal size backpack, washable, and pockets for everything. It keeps me very organized and DH will even carry it. It’s been my go to bag for 7 years for WDW and other day outings. Holds up great.

It’s teardrop shaped, so a little odd for packing sometimes. I find anything much larger than 10x12 really doesn’t fit well. OTOH, it’s comfy and has a surprising amount of storage space. I especially like the rear flat pocket which I used to keep travel documents in. Accessible, but out of the way. :wink:

The resort refillable (I always left with coffee). I brought my own carabina They sealed tightly

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@neilnole - Here’s a pic I had my son take of it on my back. He was sitting down, so it’s a bit of an up view. I’m 5’9" to give you a reference.

That looks like a good size. Did you pick it up locally or order it?