Backpacks for ROTR or SM?

What happens with backpacks on the Galaxy Edge rides? Do you keep them with you? Is there a place to store them? We like to have water with us since it gets hot. Also, did I see that Disney is starting to do refillable cups like at Universal Studios? Thanks for the info.

They do have places to stow backpacks/bags on all of the rides. So far, the only refillable mugs are good at the resorts. You can bring them into the parks but not for free refills. They do have water bottle refilling stations throughout the parks but they are pretty limited.

Re water, you can go to any quick service and ask for a water. During summer, most have cups ready waiting and filled that you can just walk up and grab.

Most rides you put your bags at your feet. It’s very convenient. Fop and Soarin both have a storage spot next to your ride seat/vehicle.

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I, too, am a Universal fan so I think I can help with your questions / comparisons.

At WDW you do not have to stow your bags like you do at USF/IOA before you go on the rides. You take them on board and keep them between your feet / legs. This applies to the rides at SWGE too.

The Disney refillable cups do not work in the park. They only work at the lobby / restaurants / drink stations at the on-site hotel. I’ve never been a fan of this “perk” on the dining plan. (I’m not a fan of the dining plan at all to be blunt) I don’t hang out at my resort much so I don’t use it. Plus, when I am in my room, I’m not going to walk from one side of my hotel resort to the main building to refill it & back to my room.

I love the Universal Coke Freestyle refillable cups!! I put a “D” ring carabiner on mine and clip it to my belt loop for hands-free drinking all day.

The only refillable drinks at WDW are water fountains / bottle refill stations. You can ask a cashier for water and you’ll get it, but you’ll have to wait in line. (You can find a “map” of water fountain / bottle refills online if you Google it)

This isn’t necessarily true in hotter months - when I’ve traveled in June and July QS locations - especially larger ones have had a space on the counter with loads of water cups ready to go. You just walk up and grab one.


Yes, we were able to grab our own free water at most QS locations last summer. The only exception was at Friar’s Nook when a cashier said that I wasn’t allowed to grab my own due to a “kitchen rule.”