Backpacks/Bags at DW

I know this has been posted before, but looking for info on backpack/bag for park. Questions:

  1. What’s the latest on security/bag search on entry at the parks? Does the size or type of bag matter in terms of length of lines?
  2. Are there any rides at any of the 4 parks where you can’t keep your bag/backpack with you?
  3. Looking for lightweight, small (but big enough to hold a couple water bottles, hoodie or 2, and sunglasses/sunscreen). Also ideal is one that my husband would also be willing to carry.

We just use one of those drawstring over the shoulder bags. I like it because there are no other pockets that have to be searched or lose items in. Also it pulls closed tightly so stuff does not fall out. There were no rides we went on that i was not able to put it down between my feet or on the seat next to me.

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The best pack, whether it be draw string, classic padded, or even messenger, is one with just one pocket (Think grocery bag).

Size and type don’t really matter, but the more pockets, the longer you’re going to be in line as they go through them all (including sunglass cases).

I don’t think any ride requires you to remove your pack, maybe stow it under the seat (like Star Tours).

When I went, I used the Under Armor Exeter sackpack. I found it pretty comfortable but it isn’t that way for everyone. My objectives with the bag were big enough to carry a light load out (water bottle, backup battery for phone, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses case, and hand wipes), but it wouldn’t trap heat against my body. I thought the Exeter sackpack suited the purpose perfectly. I do wish it had less pockets, but given that I never stored anything in there, it didn’t slow down my security check all that much.

It might require a little trial-and-error to find the right thing for you. I know I went on many hikes with several different types before settling on the sackpack. One of the other tips (found here) is to organize all your small stuff into ziplock bags.


My general philosophy is that, other than my DSLR which is around my neck, if it doesn’t fit into a cargo pocket, it doesn’t go into the park with me. :slight_smile:

DW, however, does typically carry a bag. Unlike some parks (with big coasters) that don’t allow you to take things on rides, WDW strongly discourages leaving things at the stations. All of the “thrill” rides have a place to stow your bags, and none of the rides are so extreme that losing a bag should be a concern.

One kind-of exception is Kali. USE the free lockers that they provide; it is impossible to be sure that anything on that ride will stay dry. Also be careful about putting bags on the floor of Splash and PoC boats; there are sometimes considerable puddles down there…