Backpacks and rides

Can backpacks go on rides? I know that they can’t go on a few thrill rides and you must use those rides lockers, but other than those few? I want to take bottles in for water and a few snacks. So it will be a bigger than a fanny pack.

Yes. Any ride that doesn’t allow back packs has free lockers. From memory Mummy MIB Gringotts and RRR in usf and FJ Dtagon and Hulk in ioa have a no bag policy. Of these Hulk Rrr and Dragon also have netal detectors as they have a no loose item policy. You cannot take anything in your pockets or wear sunglasses or carry phones on these 3.
You can take back packs on all other rides although they will get wet on the water rides.


Agree with @mumcalsop. We had a few snacks, a larger camera and some water. They are moderately sized backpacks. A FULLY packed “school” backpack won’t fit - but most people don’t have an issue.

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