Backpack to use in the park?

What backpacks do people suggest for the parks? Used a drawstring type bag last time and it hurt my arms.

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I got a cross body bagalinni bag. They had bigger and smaller ones at TJ Maxx.

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I use a Kavu rope bag. Very comfortable and holds more than my VB Hipster.

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I wear a small fanny pack (yes I am a dork) for my phone, id, and credit card. Use one of the kids school backpacks for snacks, water and larger items - that way they are not embarrassed to carry it and every body takes a turn.

when the whole family goes, we use just a regular school backpack for our sweaters, water etc. When it’s just me solo I use a Travelon cross body bag to hold my wallet/ID, waterbottle and phone.

I use a small cross body bag for non-rain days. If I need to bring more things to the park I use a regular school backpack. I tried to get a smaller one but I use it for the plane too and small does not work!

I got my bag from passporter. It is a clear back pack. I love it and it makes it easy for them to check it. I have owned 2 of them and don’t think I will use anything different.

My DH carries a good quality backpack, like the kind w/ padded thick straps, medium size, nothing too large but holds a lot and it’s comfortable. I carry a LeSportSac Minnie cross body bag! It’s comfy and lightweight but holds everything I need. Nice hands free sort of options.

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I had a tote bag type bag the first year and it started to hurt my shoulder!

I don’t have a suggestion on what to use, but I have one for what you might not want to use.

I used a Sling Bag last time at WDW, and I didn’t like it at all. It is designed with just one shoulder strap, which I thought I would like and why I decided to get one. However, I was constantly adjusting it, which got really annoying after a couple of hours. I know that others are fine with the one-shoulder backpacks, but this might be something to keep in mind.

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This is what we use: REI Flash 18 Pack

The bag itself is very lightweight and has comfortable straps with a mesh fabric so not so hot. It has a space for a camelbak-type bladder for water if you like. Plenty of room for water, rain jackets, camera, etc.

It’s mainly one big area inside, aside from the area for a water bladder and a smaller zippered pocket near the top.

ETA: Ours is from a couple years ago, so the design of the one at the link (the new version) is slightly different in terms of pockets.

Are there any rides where bags/purses are NOT permitted? How about sunglasses?

No - I carried my camera bag on everything last trip with the exception of “Sum of All Thrills” where you got a locker right by the ride load. And since “Sum of All Thrills” is sadly closed now, that one isn’t even an exception anymore. Depending on your bag, you may not want to carry it onto Kali as it will get wet and if not waterproof that could be an issue. They do provide lockers at Kali to use…

Not sure they could really ban sunglasses given how many people wear regular glasses. Never had a problem/fear of losing glasses on DIS rides although I have been concerned about hats on a few…

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I always take my sunglasses off on rides. I buy nice glasses and wouldn’t want to risk losing them. DH wears his prescription glasses on all rides without any issue.

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In an effort to scale down from a regular sized backpack, last year I bought a Kipling Ravier Medium Backpack. I got a great deal on sale at Macy’s, but they are easy to find at lots of other places. I went with the black, and my husband and teenaged sons were fine with carrying it.

In a prior year, I had a Kipling purse that was waterproof, but of course none of the boys wanted to carry it. You may be able to find one of their backpacks in a waterproof fabric. The nylon one that we have has not been a problem as far as the contents getting wet, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be waterproof, so we carry zipper plastic bags to keep the contents organized and safe while we are in the parks.


I use a similar Kipling @SuzySV, it has a drawstring under the flap rather than a zip. I have used it many times at WDW and because it squishes, you can easily stow it on rides etc. I don’t remember it getting particularly wet either.

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Disclaimer: We have two small kids (2 & 4 yo), so your mileage/needs may vary.

I picked up a backpack with several compartments/zippers and had it double as our diaper bag for the youngest. The compartments help us separate extra clothes in (case of accidents), snacks, water, etc. and was fairly lightweight to carry around.

When you get on water rides, do your bags not get wet inside? That’s what I’m worried about.

Highly recommend a small crossbody bad like @gabmom did. I have a similar Bagalinni bag…has lots of pockets to organize everything and is easy to carry. I am able to get on and off almost every ride without having to remove it like you would a backpack. Of course, if you have little ones in diapers that need more supplies, you’d need a bigger bag, but then I’ve always left that in that stroller.

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