Backpack (single pocket)

For my travel days, I’ve been using a laptop bag to carry essentials and it’s got tons of pockets so it makes getting into the park slow and annoying.

So I’m looking to replace it with a single pocket backpack. Last trip I picked up the Disney World cinch bag and I freakin’ love it.

I’m looking for something like it, but maybe larger with padded straps. Has anyone seen anything like that? I’ve looked on amazon and ebay, but so far… nothin.

My work just gave us all custom Herschel Classic backpacks with the company logo on them. It’s not something I necessarily would have bought for myself, but it’s amazingly comfy (padded straps) and capacious without being huge. One big main compartment and one smaller outside pocket on the front, simple. Classic Backpack 24L| Herschel Supply Co.

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Nice! Definitely looking for something like this. Though it’s a tad expensive for what it is (but then all backpacks seem to be for some reason)

These JanSport bag is very similar to @thrasher543’s choice above but about $10-$15 dollars cheaper if you like any of the sale designs.

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Our backpack for our upcoming trip in June is an “Amazon Basic”. My kids and I tested it out on a trip to our local zoo this past weekend, and it’s a great choice for 90+ degree humid heat. The pack itself has two pockets (three if you count the little inside pocket that the pack rolls into for storage), so security check should go quickly. It’s lightweight, just like a cinch bag, but the straps are a little more substantial. They are wide and flat straps (no digging into the shoulders like the cinch bags), but are also made of a net like material that breathes. Overall, this bag allowed my body to breathe under it, a concern I have with typical backpacks.