Backpack/fanny pack

Thanks! 40 oz is a bit much! Did you get black?

Yes I got black. I like the tan color too, not sure that was a choice when I bought it.

The bags main weakness is there isn’t a long pocket for a laptop (some other bags had that as a zipper in the back padding). Also because the bottom half is fully accessed by flipping the top part of the bag open, make sure you zip the top pocket closed first or your stuff will fall out :joy: but overall worked great and with space planning I was able to fit all of the things for my family for a day in the park

Also, for science:

Wine bottle totally fits


I will never haul my laptop into WDW or on a hike! But, it would be nice to have a more versatile bag, kinda like the InstaPot!

:rofl: :joy: Great tip!

Works well for a picnic but don’t you want that to be in the cooler portion?


If anyone is looking for something a bit less utilitarian…

^so the opposite of this :sweat_smile:

…this is my new bag that just arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, my iPhone is the bigger one and doesn’t quite fit into the smaller pocket like I was hoping, so it will need to go into the larger one. However, I hadn’t realized it has a large zippered body-side pocket that is a great bonus.

Now, I need to actually figure out somewhere to go that this is a better fit than my usual Hermione-style bottomless purse… :thinking:

I don’t think I’d use this for a full day in the parks, but it would be great for an evening pack.


Has anyone ever told you you look like Daisy Ridley? Cause you do. Which is awesome. :blush:

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I would just like to have that fanny for my fanny pack.


I ordered the osprey to try as it looks like it is what I need! Thanks for the suggestion!

I got my fanny pack and after trying it I told my husband that I’m going to wear this all the time! It’s awesome! I dont know why these ever went out of style!

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IKR? I was actually more concerned about the potential waist…ummm…discrepancy…when I unpacked it but it just fits!

Better shots of pockets:

Funny story. I saw it on Twitter awhile back and it really caught my eye. Didn’t click on it even though. Completely independently, DH: “Hey, I saw this belted bag on Twitter I think you’d really like.” Yep, same bag. Thanks, Twitter!


Aw, it looks cute on you!

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My husband says I belong in a Farmer’s Insurance commercial about becoming our parents.


Those ads are uncomfortably accurate.

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No one has ever told me that! How flattering! Thanks Jeff :blush:

Back in the day, people used to say I looked like Julia Stiles :woman_shrugging:

We love our Osprey backpacks! So versatile. The women’s one that I bought was weird for me but I used my husbands all the time before I got my own.

So glad you’re wearing it! I love mine too.


I got that a few times in my 20’s!! :rofl::rofl:


It’s not at all strange to have both a backpack and a fanny pack. I remember it was hard to transition away from the stroller. It was such a good place to put things.