Backlot Tour Closing

Did you guys see this?

I found out a few days ago that it was closing soon. So we went on it yesterday, and I volunteered to be one of the participants in the Harbor Attack filming. :smile: That was fun.


I did see that. Fortunately, 9/27 is my HS day so I’ll be able to ride it one last time.

All these closings related to the end of the fiscal year? Don’t remember so many around this time in previous years but I’m memory challenged

Pretty exciting! There have been rumors for a while that DHS was in line for some significant changes, and this pretty much seals it. Big question I have now is how long it will be before they actually announce something. Would love to see them shutter LMA as well, as that would open up a huge swath of real estate to work with…

Hadn’t thought of LMA. You’re right, tons of real estate could open. Wonder if this is all Star Wars or possibly more? So curious.

Dang! We haven’t done it in years and were looking forward to it this December! Oh well. Thanks for posting.

Star Wars Land would be a most welcome addition/improvement.


Agreed. Hollywood studios is the perfect setting for Star Wars.

Maybe a podrace roller coaster,

I want to try the blue drink at the mos eisley cantina, and hear the band. They’ve got to be better than sonny eclipse. :wink: