Backlot Tour Closing Sept. 27

Just read from a post from the wdw news today people that cast members at HS were toold earlier today that the last day of the Backlot tour is the 27th.

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Closed forever? That would be a shame. The backlot tour used to have some great components. The Lottery, the facades, the Boneyard (I think it was called that), scenery & costume, I never worked there, LOL. But the reality is over the years they've just ignored that attraction, and the sound show, and SuperStar TV. Nothing left about movie making here-move along!

Probably going to make a permanent Frozen attraction?? lol
I loved it as a kid, but not interested anymore. They could definitely use something fresh there.

Sadly, the attraction is a shell of its former self and I'm kinda happy to hear it will finally be put out of its misery. I really enjoyed the original Studios attractions, but without a real backlot or working studio, there just wasn't much of anything to see anymore. I'll miss the props warehouse and seeing some of the stuff in the boneyard, but that's about it.

We visited again this March after 20 years. A very sad experience and a little embarrassing for Disney, IMHO. It was past time

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