Back-up options: Let's chat about WL BR/CC

One of my fears for our 2020 Anniversary trip is that the BLT 1-bedroom villas will be all gone. We have some back-up plans, but I wanted to find out a little bit about one such possibility.

Wilderness Lodge looks to be easier to get a 1-bedroom villa. Both my wife and I have commented how we love the look of Wilderness Lodge and could see staying there in the future. So, if it comes to it, we COULD use it as our back-up. But then, the question becomes what the difference is between BR versus CC.

Anyone have any experiences to share about staying there?

ETA: I’m looking at DVC rental, btw, in case that wasn’t clear.

I haven’t stayed there yet, but as I will be on my next trip, I have been doing a lot of researching. The biggest difference is in location; BR is in a separate building next to the main WL building, and CC is a section of the main building that was remodeled to be DVC rooms (the new waterside cabins are also part of CC). The walk to the restaurants and boat dock is longer from BR, but the new Geyser Point is a bit closer to BR. Either choice you can use either pool - the “feature” pool at CC and the smaller (and I’m guessing quieter) pool at BR.

I haven’t spent a lot of time researching the differences in room floor plans. This is likely a solo trip, so as long as there is a bed and a bathroom, it meets the minimum standards (plus the usual “upgrades” associated with a deluxe resort). Things like a second bathroom, a few extra square feet, number/type of beds, etc. aren’t that important to me.

Location is important to me (I want to enter through the amazing main lobby vice the smaller BR one), so CC would be my first choice. I am currently confirmed at BR and come May I will be wait-listed for CC (the friend from whom I rent points owns at BR and can book 11 months out but has to wait until the 7 month window to book at other resorts).

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Yeah. I mean, that lobby is amazing. And being in the “main” building has some appeal.

I’ll see what others report…but you are a good person to report your experience when you go, so don’t skimp on the trip report when the time comes! :wink:

I am booked at BR in November. Thanksgiving week to be exact. For 8 nights. I haven’t researched the difference much, and to be honest, when I put my request in I don’t remember which one I put as my first choice vs the other. When I saw that I got WL, I was incredibly happy and to me it really doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to be in the house, so to speak.

FWIW, We have stayed at WL and yes that lobby is my FAVE. And you are right that in BR you have a separate entrance. We were supposed to stay at BR this past September but had to cancel our trip. But for Oct 2019 I have us booked in a studio at BLT. From what I understand it’s the studios that go first across all DVCs. I think you might be okay with a 1 BR at BLT (depending on when you want to book 11 mos vs 7)

When is your trip?

We did BR in October. Yes, it is the different building with a smaller lobby. Yes, it may be a little longer walk to the boat for MK, but closer to the buses for other parks. I think it’s the same “feel” at both. We spent plenty of time walking through the main building for meals, snacks, to grab an uber out front, etc… The BR building seemed quieter and while I enjoy the WL lobby it was much more populated. We sat in the little fireplace nook area in the BR lobby for a bit and never saw another person. I was a little concerned after reading some reviews that BR would be “worn”, but our room was really nice overlooking the lake and BR pool. We could even see the Electric Light Pageant from our balcony.I don’t think you could go wrong with either choice. I would happily stay at either BR or CC in the future!

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We’ve stayed at both. Like others have said, BR is in a separate building, a very short walk from the gift shop and sort of behind the bus stops. Very handy for the buses. CC is in the main hotel - to get there you go through a corridor opposite the gift shop. Even though the CC rooms are in the same building, you could end up walking about the same distance as to BR - there are a lot of corridors.

BR is quieter, and feels more secluded. Most views will be of trees unless you get the dreaded dumpster view…! CC views are all of either of the two pools.

Main difference is the feel and decor of the rooms. CC feels and looks very new. Modern, loads of storage. We loved it! BR has a more rustic feel to it, and the basic room layout is the same as BWV, BCV etc.

Personally, I would always choose CC over BR purely because I love the rooms. BR is very nice too though, and if DH could decide (which he can’t :rofl:) we’d be staying there, it’s his one of his favorite resorts!

Not sure if that helps. Feel free to ask questions if there are any specifics you’re wondering about.

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You should get a 1 bed at BLT, as long as you aren’t set on a standard view. Those are the ones that go fairly quickly.

As for BRV and CCV, I haven’t stayed in them. But one thing no one has yet mentioned is that the CCV only sleep 4 period. BRV will sleep 5 if you book on points (including a rental) in a 1-bed if you bring bedding and a bed for the 5th person.

This is for our 25th anniversary December 2020 trip, so there will only be two of us! :slight_smile:

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I tried for a one bedroom at CC at exactly 8am for December 8th and there was nothing. I ended up, days later, finding a studio- but I would not be able to get a 1 bedroom. There were BLT and BRV 1 bedrooms available.

That is my concern. We plan to arrive Thursday, December 4. For BLT 1 bedroom, we can’t really afford anything but standard view. WL CC and BR are close to the same price, though. According to David’s, they would be easier to get. But maybe not!

BR may be ok but I do not believe CC would be available.

That could be because not all rooms are declared yet at CCV. At least I don’t think they are.

Also this is the effect of those cabins. They sell loads of points against them, but no one actually wants to book them.

But I’m surprised David’s thinks it’ll be easier to get CCV. There can’t be a lot of people who,want to rent those points out yet…

CC is almost fully declared right now. There have been two declarations I think in the last month? I was able to get my studio through an early morning release, but I saw some posts that new owners trying to book their first stays were being told by member services that they could not help them. It is a little crazy. I had no problem in February or August but December, at CC is crazy.

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I have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and it is easy to get places. I could get back bus from Boardwalk resorts to MK then take the boat to the resort. You can also watch the fireworks on the sidewalk along the lake next to Geyser Point where they pipe I the sound.

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I went and looked again. I see my mistake. It appears he isn’t listing CCV in the when to book page for whatever reason. So when I saw Boulder Ridge, I just thought it included CCV.

But based on feedback here, BRV 1 bedroom might still be a good back up option it I can get a 1 bedroom standard view at BLT.

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I like that idea.

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I was looking at BLT and BRV specifically because I knew you were looking for next December. I think it was Lake View BLT that was available. Funny, for a while BWI was available when CC was not. I was watchingjust about everything for a while because I was trying to figure out if the CC issue was due to Galaxy’s Edge . In the end I figured my long term plan would be to buy some AKL points.

We stayed in a 1 bedroom at BRV in December and loved it. It was quiet, close to the buses, close to the pools, close to the BBQs and it was also close to the main lodge lobby. We are staying next at AKL Jambo, but only because we want to sample another Disney property, not because we wouldn’t love to go back to BRV. We haven’t tried CCV yet, but I worry that it would disappoint compared to BRV.

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