Back to Normal with Vaccine?

:crazy_face::rofl: sure does.

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This is why it’s more important for you and your family to get it. My mom would never get the flu vaccine but I always made sure that I and my kids got it to protect her. She is gone now. I do think my dad (85) will get it as soon as he can.

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I’ve been hearing that first responders could see it by the end of the year. “high risk” individuals would come next, and the “general population” may see it by May/June. From there it would take 6-8 months for a general distribution to occur. That means that if all goes well, there would be a majority vaccination by Jan 2022. How this time frame afects Disney policies, only Disney knows at this point in time (if they even do).

And the unions, and shareholders . . .

Agree with the above, also based on what I heard yesterday. After first responders, elderly and high-risk, ‘everyone else’ would be able to get late 2021, early 2022. Disney’s policies will most likely be in place until then.

There will be areas of the country that will be limited in the amount of doses available to them because of the storage needs of that vaccine?

I think this can be easily remedied in our country, I’m more worried about other countries w/ limited to no capacity for cold storage.

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Pfizer representatives have said that they are already working on that aspect and are fairly confident they can sort it out. It might be more of a hurdle in the beginning.

A whop bop a loo bop


There are dry ice companies in the NE already preparing but the rural areas most likely will have to travel for that vaccine. Although maybe there will be another option that does not require that extreme storage?

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I eagerly await to link my vaccination records to MDE


Pfizer claims to be able to produce 20 Million doses by end of November, 50 Million doses by year-end and 1.3 Billion doses in 2021.


Interesting. That suggests a much more aggressive timeline than I would have guessed. (Of course, it is all word now.)

Technically speaking, I fall under a “high risk” category, being diabetic (T1). But I’m more concerned about my parents and in-laws. We’ve gradually been cancelling almost everything we normally do during the holiday season. Thanksgiving will be a small affair, and not the like 22+ people we would normally host.

These numbers are global.

Back in July, Pfizer agreed to be part of Operation Warp Speed, in which they are to provide 100 Million doses to the US Government with the option to buy another 500 Million.

That’s what I thought, but the article had this:

So, even for “just America” that’s impressive timing.


Just doing some back of the envelope calculations, by the end of April Pfizer should produce 400 to 500 Million doses, if they are aiming to have 1.3 Billion by end of 2021.

Not sure how doses will be distributed world wide, are these just USA production, and do they share the formula with other RX companies world wide?

I believe the BBC reported that there are currently 6 vaccine options, but none show the efficacy that Pfizer’s does. And Pfizer is preparing for world wide distribution, no one country has priority.

Good question…and while I don’t know with certainty, I do remember reading that the way this vaccine research was being done was unprecedented because it was basically involving a “gentlemen’s agreement” among a bunch of companies to share their research along the way and not allow desires for profits to impede anything. THe article I read (as I recall…many months ago now) mentioned how the companies recognized that any ONE of the vaccine candidates could fail, and the sooner everyone else knew the outcomes of these and reported on it, the best. It left the impression that as a result, whoever came up with a successful vaccination would ALSO share this information to speed up development/production.

If it actually will play out that way, I don’t know. But that’s what I seem to recall.

Here’s fun.

Disney announces entry to the parks will be limited to those who have been vaccinated (and have some sort of certificate to prove it).




I’m not sure that could happen in the USA because they can’t demand access to your private health info because of HIPAA laws.