Back to Normal with Vaccine?

With the news from Pfizer about their potential for a vaccine that could be effective how long would it be until they got closer back to “normal” in regards to fireworks, parades, character meet and greets, etc.? I know that a few states have written language around what phase they would re-open based on the availability of a vaccine and I wasn’t sure if Disney did something similar. Currently planning a trip for April but not sure I want to go unless I can do things like fireworks and meet and greets.

Even if a vaccine could be distributed tomorrow, it would take many months to immunize enough people to achieve herd immunity. Could take up to a year.

With that said, it isn’t clear how soon places could open up to more normalcy. So just assume it will still be a while.


I would not anticipate these things returning on that timeline.


I have heard similar to the other responses - it will take up to a year after a vaccine is approved before enough people have been inoculated to fully return to normal, assuming the vaccine is as effective as they say. But I suspect things will start falling in line pretty quickly if the 90% efficacy is accurate and the doses are available quickly (= 3-6 months). It could be faster than we think, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

There was a story around the vaccine on 60 min last night… One person (state health official) said they were slotted to get enough vaccine to take care of a fraction of the pop. It was slotted for essential workers: Docs, RNs… they were getting 50K but needed 500K. So… it’s going to take a long time to get everyone covered.


I don’t know but we are just so excited about this positive news!!! We are praying the vaccine really is all they are saying it is. My kids were thinking of ways to celebrate after school today just so we can be ready with our party when we officially return to normal. :joy:


The good thing about this being the Pfizer vaccine is that the Moderna one is extremely similar and only a few weeks behind. That could mean distribution that is almost twice as fast.

Ironic that the increases in cases will help speed up the approval of the vaccines as it requires a certain number of people to be infected (hopefully in the placebo group) before approval.

Honestly, my goal for a trip back is personal vaccination. I would be okay if things were not yet back to normal. So we will see what the time table looks like for access to the vaccine for a not prioritized person…


Yes, I had discussed it with my son’s doctor, because my son is considered a priority case.

The order is expected to be frontline healthcare workers and LEO’s, then people over 65 with underlying health conditions, then other ages
with underlying health conditions. The office we go to is already creating lists so that when they eventually get a vaccine, the framework will already be there. My son is one of the first patients in group 2, the doctor has told me.


That said, I think that the scarcity of the vaccine might end up being affected by the number of people who qualify for priority access that are willing to get the vaccine.
Darwinism at it’s finest.


I am not the most optimistic person and I don’t think normal will not return by April.

This is only the first positive sign of a potential vaccine. There are many more that might offer positive results and offer even more access to vaccines with acceptable efficacy.

I can say as a scientist what has happened so far in regards to a vaccine is truly remarkable.

I think more people will take it than it may seem. 1) Trump is touting the vaccine; 2) Biden will of course be encouraging people to take it; 3) It will come out slow enough that we will get a sense of how safe it is before the more vaccine-averse even have a chance; 4) People want things to go back to normal and will want to take the vaccine even if they normally wouldn’t take a vaccine.

There will be some who are less likely to take this one than usual, but I would bet it will be counterbalanced by the favorable factors.

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Agree on all points. The only person of prominence I’ve seen today openly still playing politics and casting doubt on the whole thing is Cuomo (sorry @qwerty6).

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That’s for sure. He said the vaccine news is good and bad. The bad is that Trump won’t know how to distribute it. :thinking: I’m pretty sure that medical professionals would be involved in the distribution plan, not just one person. :man_facepalming:

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What scares me is that drugs in the US take years to be approved. Even after a drug is on the market for years they find out it does more harm then good. So if a vaccine is made in less then a year or two how safe is it going to be?


It wasn’t made in less than a year, though. The vaccine techniques were already in development for other coronaviruses.

Personally? I am not afraid to take the vaccine based on what I have seen.


aaaahhh, the Darwin Awards :upside_down_face:


Totally safe.

The basics of the vaccine are consistent with other vaccines. They “just” need to isolate the specific protein for Covid 19 and voila.


Who said they are worried about FDA approval? I think they will move something when they need to. Pfizer pushed for emergency approval, right? Here’s another example of expediting during C-19


The F.D.A. gave emergency approval to an experimental antibody treatment for Covid-19 made by Eli Lilly. It’s similar to one President Trump received.

Monday, November 9, 2020 7:23 PM EST
The decision, announced on Monday by the agency, applies only to people newly infected with the virus, and came with a warning that it should not be used in hospitalized patients.

Eli Lilly said that its treatment, called bamlanivimab, should be administered as soon as possible after a positive test, and within 10 days of developing symptoms.
Read the latest

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My husband, kids, and I will get the vaccine as soon as we can even though we are not high risk. However my parents, who are high risk, have said they will not. My mother in law is 75 and she also said she will not get it.


This sounds like a line from a 1950s bebop song.