Back to Back Reservations

Planning a trip in September. If I book 4 days at Pop Century and then 6 days at Wilderness Lodge to cover the 10 day trip, will I be able to make fast passes for the full trip when the window opens for the first reservation? Or, will it make me wait for the window to open for the second reservation to make the fast passes for the additional days? Thinking of splitting the trip because the room I want is not open for the entire stay but part of the reason for the longer stay is to get fast pass selections for the full 10 days.

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You will be able make FPs for the whole trip. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! We were supposed to go in May for Flower and Garden but think it best to change to September. Beginning in 1994, we took our daughters to the Wilderness Lodge the week after Labor Day for many years. It was a wonderful time to go and I am looking forward to reliving the memories!


You will have split ADR days though.

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What a great trip to look forward to!

They’re already within the 180 days anyway though, so that’s a moot point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, that bums me because I had made my dining plans right at 180 days and had exactly what I wanted. Breakfasts at 8 AM and Cinderella during fireworks. Oh well, it will still be amazing!

The reservation finder is your friend! :grin: