Back-To-Back Reservations

We have a free dining package set up to stay at AoA in Finding Nemo from 8/29 thru 9/5. We wanted to add a day to the front of our stay so we would arrive on 8/28. I called yesterday and I was told there was no availability for the Finding Nemo rooms. I was bummed. I tried calling tonight to check availability again and they were already closed for the night.

So I went online and ended up booking a room-only Finding Nemo for 8/28 - 8/29. I thought about it and the person I spoke with in reservations must have meant there is no availability for the Finding Nemo for the free dining package. We are fine with paying for our dining that first day so I figured booking a room-only would be okay.

My question is: does anyone have experience with this type of situation? I am hoping to not have to actually switch rooms even though we have 2 reservations.

I should add that we are coming in early to enjoy the resort for a full day so we won’t be buying park tickets for the added day.

Call tomorrow (they are open from 7am eastern to 10pm eastern). Ask them to link your two reservations together and get a “travel with” number. This will alert the room assigner that the two reservations are, well, linked, and improves your chances of not having to move. There’s no guarantee, but it helps.

Also, when you send in your room request fax, be sure to note that the request to not have to move rooms is priority over all other requests. And list both reservation numbers and your travel with number on the fax.

Good luck!

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We had exactly this situation three months ago when staying at the Wilderness Lodge. We had a 5 night reservation at Wilderness Lodge using a PIN code discount, then wanted to add one extra day at the end. We could add the day, but not using PIN code, so were forced to book the extra day as a separate reservation. We (or to be exact our T/A) called Disney and had them link the two as DarthDopey suggested.

I continued to monitor the Disney website, and eventually a number of rooms opened up allowing us to add the extra day on our discount and cancel the standalone day. I would advise you to do the same, hoping for the same result.

Though in our case it didn’t end up happening, when we thought we were going to have to go with the split reservation, I feared that they would make us change rooms. We have no way of knowing what would have happened if things had gone differently, for what it’s worth we were told that in all likelihood we’d have been allowed to keep the room. We were also going to us the TP fax option to send a brief message by way of explanation, and politely asking that we be put in a room and not moved.