Back to back HS days? Yes or no?

Hi all! Trying to plan my days for Jan 18th - Jan 28th 2022… What are people’s thoughts on planning back to back HS park reservations? The crowd predictions for Tue and Wed are lower than the rest of our trip. Monday is predicted to be a crowd level 5… Is it worth it to choose that day just to split them up?

I don’t know your touring style but you could do back for back days and try for BG both days. Maybe one day rope drop and one day later start. HS seems to be large crowds in the morning and then clears out quite a bit in the afternoon.

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Oh ok, that’s good to know. We’re staying on property… do we need to be at HS to try for a BG?

We’ve got 9 days of tickets so I’m thinking of reserving 3 HS days to try to get on ROTR twice. That only leaves 2 for the other parks and I know MK has the most to see. I was trying to be cheap and skip the park hopper. Maybe that’s a bad choice!

BG are at 7 am before parks open currently. There are threads for how to get a boarding group that can help with that. Genie+ announcement last week leaves a little in doubt about what January will look like. I do not think u have to get park hoppers but u may consider genie+ when that is released.

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I have a love/hate relationship with HS. Love the rides. Loves the lands. Hate the long wait times and low number of rides. I feel likes it extra hot, and I don’t love it’s setup. I know some of this is in my mind, but I like to space out my HS days to build my tolerance back up.
Practice getting a boarding group from home! I’m going again in a few weeks, and I always practice before a trip. This way, you know where to click, and can do it fast. My success rate from home is pretty good (and I’m 3 for 3 in the parks!). Muscle memory, or something like that :upside_down_face:

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I usually split my days so they’re not back to back but if it suits my plans then back to back it is.