Back of WS to MK

I believe I’ve posted this before, but that was when the park to park with no security bus (I’ve already forgotten the name) was still active and I believe that was the recommendation then. So I’m going to try to post again.

Wednesday of our trip, we have dinner at Teppan Edo in Japan. Dinner is around 5pm and immediately after, we are heading to MK for the rest of the night. I’m trying to figure out what is our best mode of transportation that day.

Note: I have arthritis and am wanting to try to do the parks without getting a scooter so I’m wanting to minimize “extra” walking as much as possible. There’s 4 of us - myself, DH, DS8 and DD2.

Which option would be the best/quickest/shortest walk (I understand those might not all be the same)?

  1. Since Teppan Edo isn’t far from International Gateway, take that exit and walk to BC/YC to take a bus to MK.
  2. Walk back to the front of the park, take the monorail to TTC and switch monorails
  3. Walk back to the front of the park, take the monorail to TTC and take the boat to MK
  4. Walk back to the front of the park, take a bus to MK
  5. Drive that day (we will have a car).

Is there another option I’m forgetting?

Option 1 has to be the quickest and the least walking. I think that’s the obvious choice personally. I would definitely go to International Gateway, hit the nearest hotel and hop a bus to the MK…

Agree, I would exit through International Gateway and take the MK bus from BC/YC.

Thank you both! That’s what I was wondering, but I’ve never been through International Gateway, so I wasn’t sure.

Yep, another vote for IG and BC or possibly Boardwalk, not sure which is quicker to walk to (not been to BW escort yet) .

Don’t think there is a bus from the front of Epcot to MK so I’d score out option 4.

I thought all parks had park to park buses? I don’t guess I’ve ever done MK to Epcot, though.

I think if the Epcot to MK monorail is running they don’t do a bus. If the monorail isn’t running then they do offer buses between the TTC and Epcot.

Gotcha! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Japan Pavilion to Beach Club bus stop is .7 miles.
Japan Pavilion to Epcot monorail is .8 miles.
So not much difference but Beach Club is the closest and it’s a bit more of a pleasant walk without crowds once you leave the gates.


Surprised they are that close to be honest. The other benefit to bus from Beach Club is one wait to arrive at MK while Epcot Monorail to either MK Monorail or Boat requires waiting on two different modes of transportation.

Of course traveling by Monorail/Boat is more interesting than by bus, if that matters at all…

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Another vote for option 1. To minimize walking even more, you could take a boat from the IG to one of the BW area resorts and then take a bus. “Might” add a few minutes to the travel time, but definitely the least amount of walking.