Back at our Laughing Place..Trip Report August 2019.. 3 adults, 1 teen, 1 baby

Last Park Day. We always end our trips with a full MK day. By this time, we’d done and seen everything so the pressure was off, but I don’t know how to tour slowly so naturally we did everything again. We had a solid FP lineup so I decided to follow our touring plan which meant RD Pirates. Funny ride to RD, but it was still fun to start with a classic. We then headed to Adventureland and planned to do Big Thunder and maybe Splash so we could modify our later Splash FP for something else.
Big Thunder was a nice short wait, so after doing it twice with RS, we went to check our Splash which was posted as 20 mins. So we went for it as that’s not much of a wait at all. I sent everyone to ride while I took Katie to the playground. She was actually a little scared to go inside the structure so I taught her how to get up for the slide. Meanwhile hubby calls and says he thinks it’s at least an hour still to wait. This would mean that we’d miss our Peter Pan and Mine Train FPs which I couldn’t modify. Thinking he was off, I went and spoke to the CM at the entrance and asked if they had any info because the ride was posted for 20 and I was afraid to lose other FPs. She told me that the ride had all of a sudden gotten really busy and that the reported times were way less than what to expect. Then she kindly asked me to pull my family out of line and she walked them through FP. This was true Disney Magic as we didn’t expect anything I just wanted to know if we should come back to the ride later. But she told me she understood how RS can also be so time consuming. I also thought it was interesting because Disney is more known for over inflating times. The park must have filled super fast (predicted 6 I think actual was an 8) but we didn’t really feel it the rest of the day.

So we were still late to Peter Pan, but they let us ride. Then we used our MineTrain FP and I modified our other Splash to a Haunted Mansion for after lunch. Next we ate at Be Our Guest again (we really do love it here) and just like before we had great food and slow service.

After Haunted Mansion we did PhillarMagic and I picked up FPs for Small World, Pooh, and Under the Sea. In the meantime storms had started (thank god we did Frontierland early) and they lasted about 4 hours. This allowed me to pick up…drumroll please… 7 anytime FPs. My family thinks I’m crazy. So we started with Space and the FP line was all the way out to the PeopleMover. Plenty of waiting time for Miss K to nap. After we used two more at Monsters and Buzz.
Flashback here to 2011, my first trip to Disney with hubby (then boyfriend of 1 year) and Ingrid. I convinced my husband to go to Disney and we’d surprise Ingrid. Only my husband is a Brazilian immigrant, now U.S. green card holder and studying for citizenship, so he had no clue what going to Disney meant. One of our best memories of that trip was the Laugh Floor and he was picked to be that guy (it must have been the bright Brazilian shirt he was wearing). Ingrid was so excited and he thought it was so funny. So ever since, his favorite character is Mike Wazowski. Hence there have been years of Mike Wazowski gifts and cakes in our family.
Anyways so hubby was hoping to get on the camera and this time he did… he and Katie got to dance and sadly I didn’t get a pic. But I did get one of mom whose mind had to be read and she was so embarrassed she couldn’t talk
After Tomorrowland fun, we headed to dinner at Harbor House. I mobile ordered and we sat upstairs. We love this place. Yummy fish and it reminds me of the type of historical restaurants we go to at home in Ma, plus it’s across from the Mansion. It was also the first meal at Disney that I didn’t feel full after…possibly because of no alcohol. But it feels almost quiet and quaint which is hard to get at Disney.
After we didn’t have time for all our FPs because we wanted to see fireworks. So we did Haunted Mansion again and headed back to Splash because I could ride Splash all day long. The FP line was about 5 miles past the turnstiles so only one group got to ride, but I loved doing it at night.
By the time we headed to the fireworks it was time for them to start. We just wanted to duck somewhere not bothering people but it was pretty mobbed. I did hear other groups loudly fighting over spots. We were able to duck by the restaurant opposite Casey’s for an okay view until some family stood right in front of us (they were eventually told to move by CMs). The fireworks were lovely but I do think the projections makes it harder to see the whole thing. I’m also still in love with Wishes.

While I wanted to stay and soak in every last minute of Disney, my family was wiped so out we headed. The emporium was naturally packed, but getting a bus was easy. Katie slept in the stroller through the fireworks and then as we walked out. I walked out crying ugly tears because I’m your typical Disney baby who doesn’t like the fun to end. But it was an awesome day.


Aw good luck to you too Jenny! It is so hard. We’re in the transfer phase and I’m already sick as a dog from meds. Hoping for one more baby of my own, but truly hate the whole process. I am so blessed to have my girls and that will help me this time around.


Departure Day. We had a late flight at 7:40 so we knew we’d have time for shopping etc. We were packed and out of the room by about 9 and brought our bags down to curbside check in. While we were totally out of the room I forgot to check out till later that afternoon but they said it was no problem.
After taking our time at the food court we went to Disney Springs. It was super quiet there. While I like the big Disney store, I think overall the newer part is blah and does not feel like Disney. In general I was very disappointed in the shopping this trip. World Showcase was lackluster, it was hard to find a variety of sweatshirts, it was the first time I didn’t buy an ornament, and even things like magnets were hard to find. However, those magical pictures behind the counter were soooo cool. I told my husband that I saw Mickey move and then he didn’t for like 5 mins so I thought I was crazy, but then it did again.
We popped into TrenD and Ingrid finally got a loungefly (she was eying them all week) and the toy store. I gave Ingrid gift cards for Xmas and birthday so she had her own spending money.
Then we grabbed a bite at Earl of Sandwich, which was fine. It reminds me of Panera. We headed back and the bus got there within 5 minutes (we really had great bus luck).
Back at the hotel we had 3 hours or so to wait for Tragical Express, which is a lot of time in the lobby. Rain kept us from being at the pool. MCO was super crowded and Katie hated the security line more than anything for our trip… but I think most people feel that way. I also think it’s gross that people like mom and I who were wearing sandals had to walk barefoot through security. Like come on, you can see my feet. The flight back was regular thank god and Katie slept. We were exhausted but had an awesome time.

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Some final takeaways:
We went for 8 nights and hit the parks hard with a 16 month old. Many people would think we’re crazy or dumb, as I would have thought back in 2011 when I saw people with babies. But here’s the reality. We didn’t expect to spend 4 years of our life trying to have a baby. That process sucks. In the meantime we have my stepdaughter who we still want to do things with all the time. So from the get go I made it clear that this trip was about having a normal family vacation after going through years of not having a normal. It was never about Katie so it’s fine with us that she won’t remember because we will-her parents, her gram, and her big sister. One thing I’ve learned since going through immigration, infertility, and other real life issues is why wait? We had a great trip and Katie did awesome. There were times when she had her fussy moments and we did what we do in the real world-removed her from the environment if possible or do the all time mom low of putting Pooh or baby bum to play on the phone. I am super grateful there is a place that I can go and eat out, do rides, see shows with my family and big girl and be able to have baby girl with us—it was so awesome to be out and about past 7:30 or drink a cocktail in a family friendly place.
-In order to enjoy the trip I had to let things go. If Katie didn’t nap o well. If she lived on French fries for a week, she’d have all year to recover. If my husband bought extra food even though we were on the meal plan o well. Vacation is for everyone!
-in the future, I would pay extra money to fly out early morning. This delay was the icing on my cake as I just get so nervous flying.
-RiderSwitch takes an annoyingly long time. I figure any trip after your kids are 3 is probably golden because then they can at least ride some big rides. Katie’s 100th percentile for height so I think she could ride most rides by next year. However, there are some benefits. Some people get to do the ride twice. Also, the times I waited with Katie ended up being great chances to poke in stores, get a snack, and take in the sights and sounds.
-We are one of the few that love the dining plan, mostly because I like to prepay everything. We had free dining this year. It is so much food. Plenty to also feed a little one. I would not bring snacks or do a large grocery order in the future, it’s just not needed.
-Before the trip I worried about stroller parking, but it was super easy. There is parking everywhere. Every stroller does look the same. I put ribbons on ours, but I also bought dollar tree fairy wings. These stood out great!
-Teenagers are funny. Ingrid was all about snacks this trip so I made sure to let her stop everywhere to try them. She also told me this will be the trip she remembers. She’s been at 7, 9, and 10. So for everyone who waits to bring their kids till age 7 or 8 so they’ll remember…you just never know.
-I wish there was a way to not wait in lines and enjoy without having to use phones all the time. I miss the days I could leave my phone in a safe and be disconnected.
-Last, in the future I vow to plan more pool time for my husband. We have a pool at home so I see it as a low priority, but the man needs more downtime than I require.

So cheers to a great trip! I booked a bounce back in case our family doesn’t grow. And if that’s the case we’ll probably go back next summer or plan a Cali trip. If not we’ll probably be back for the 50th or 51st with another baby in tow. Having seen so many other resorts this trip, DVC sounds super appealing, but I will wait to push hubby on that till we’ve put some more money on the house and are out of the daycare years.

Thanks for tagging along!


Thanks for taking us along!!! It sounds like y’all had such an amazing trip and you rolled so well with toddler+teen touring! And I totally agree with you on RS. Such a drag. I’ve got one kid under 40” still and I can’t wait for her to grow so we can all tour together!!

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Wonderful report, thank you for sharing!