Back at our Laughing Place..Trip Report August 2019.. 3 adults, 1 teen, 1 baby

First trip report, so here goes!

Our family headed back to our Laughing Place August 7, 2019. This was a long needed family trip after an immigration process and years of infertility. We were also celebrating our anniversary and turning 30 and 40. Hubby and I married at Seabreeze Point August 13, 2013 and wanted to come back for our 5 year… we made it for 6. There were 5 of us… my mom, my husband, myself, my 15 year old stepdaughter Ingrid, and my baby girl Katie (age 16 months).

Day 1 Travel. Left for T F Green in Providence for our first flight with SW. Security was super easy and even let us through with water and food for the baby. We boarded with family boarding and mom and Ingrid had B2 so we got to sit together. We were on the runway on time (1:40) but the pilot announced we could not leave due to storms in D.C. He was waiting for an alt route. Of course, baby girl fell right asleep when the plane first moved, but we couldn’t leave. We ended up sitting on the runway for TWO HOURS when they told us we’d need to get off and refuel. So back to the airport we went. We ended up waiting around another 2 hours before they could reroute us.
Finally getting back on the plane about 430 (when we were originally scheduled to land) we took off going an alt way which would take longer. Luckily baby girl was still being good and just played most of the flight. I am a terrible flyer and decided to try to fly without medicine or booze (a bad choice) and it was an awful flight. Horrible turbulence so that the staff could not come around. We finally landed about 8:30 and I was a bit of a mess, but super relieved. And there were palm trees so I knew we were finally ready for some magic.

DME was quiet and Katie slept through the ride, the rest of us were exhausted. We got our room in 50s Pop (new to us) and I sent mom and hubby to the room with the baby so I could grab drinks and pizza at the food court. Katie loved the room and was walking around going Minnie, Minnie. We got as settled as we could without luggage and tried to sleep. Our instacart order also never showed up, so the front desk helped us to contact them and make sure they would deliver the next day. This day was def the only tough time in our trip. We expected to get in earlier, unpack, relax and were totally thrown. Southwest even ended up offering us a 200 dollar credit. Luckily Katie was a champ for our 10 hour travel experience (supposed to be 4).


Rough start, it can only get better

OMG, well have an AWESOME trip and yall can laugh aboit it someday😁

Day 1 in the parks Hollywood Studios

So after our rough start, we were still ready to hit the parks. We got on the bus about 8am to go to Hollywood Studios. Our plan was to RD TSM or Slinky if crowds weren’t crazy. I told my family the park usually opens before 9, but I was very wrong. They didn’t let us back until about 9:05. First time seeing Toy Story Land and it’s cute. Katie liked seeing Slinky go around. Seeing the crowds build, we went for Toy Story Mania to avoid the Slinky crazy (we had a FP for the end of our trip). We’ve always loved the TSM queue and were one of the first ones to ride. Uploading: EB540CFD-2E9C-4D56-BAC5-4128EEE41038.jpeg… Katie didn’t like or dislike Toy Story Mania, but it was easy to take her on. We enjoy it, but I still can’t believe how long lines used to be.
Then we went off to do Star Tours, our first RS. It helps to know what you’re doing and have the 3 bands that need to be scanned ready to go. I stayed behind first and poked around looking for juice and checking out the gift shop. The first group was off quickly and then it was my turn. It was great as always. We then went to meet Olaf (posted 10 mins), but there was no one inside. Katie’s first character and she did great. Cute meet and easy to do. We did this as Ingrid’s request. I usually don’t like to wait for characters when we could be doing rides.

Then it was time for our first FP Rock n Roller Coaster. Let hubby ride twice and I went the second time. Love this ride! Aerosmith is our favorite. Katie did a short stroller nap. I asked the RS cast member if I should even get a switch because I had FP and he told me to do it. We did end up with one that would not go away-this happened throughout the trip, but I could still make FPs after. Oftentimes cast members would see a leftover at our next ride and just remove it for me.
Next, we had an Aliens FP. Only one side was running so it took us about 20 mins to get on. Katie is 100th percentile for height so she could ride. Smushed between hubby and I she liked the beginning but then didn’t like it by the time it was over. The adults agreed that it was a one and done-super underwhelming and felt like a local carnival ride.

For lunch we mobile ordered at ABC. We had no issues with Hollywood Studios food and are not foodies. Clicked I’m here about 5 minutes before getting to the restaurant. Having never mobile ordered before, I had no idea where to pick up and the line was out the door. Then realized I just had to go straight to the window. Everything was ready and it truly feels like cheating, but oh so easy! Mom and I both had the Mediterranean salad which was pretty good. Ingrid had the shrimp, which was the best and hubby had ribs, which he enjoyed. Then we booked it to leave for a break.
Did I mention the bus stop to Pop is like 10 miles from the park entrance? This really annoyed my mom. We are not break people but wanted to try it because HS is so close to Pop and having the baby this trip. Plus, we still needed to unpack and get the instacart order. One positive is the bus came right away. Pop busses are truly the best.
Back at the hotel, Katie did nap after a while and we put her in the vanity area. Ingrid and I ran down for a pool dip and to get a flower shower. We then picked up the instacart order and a bellhop helped us bring it up. This was huge as we were running out of diapers. We tipped him 6 bucks, which is the current delivery fee so we were happy it went to him and not to Disney. Our break wasn’t long because our Tower FP was going to expire at 3:30. So we hopped a bus there and did the long walk back into the park.
Finally, I got to ride twice and Tower was great. With one shaft open it took us an hour for both groups to ride. But it’s worth it, we absolutely love this ride! Then we headed to Muppets before dinner. This was Katie’s sleeper hit. We got to the theater and literally walked right into the show, didn’t even have time to look around the pre-show. I am so glad this show is still there, but we truly miss the Backlot Area, SOA, and Singing in the Rain umbrella. Don’t get me started on GMR. But Muppets was great. Katie was literally dancing in the theater and laughing. She just watched without the glasses.
After Muppets it was dinner time at Hollywood and Vine. It took about 10 minutes to get seated. Katie first saw Goofy and was terrified so we thought we were in trouble. But Katie loved seeing her Minnie and was playing and kissing the characters-it was quite precious. Everyone enjoyed themselves-Ingrid got a special drink and saw the characters. The food was pretty good. We enjoyed the pretzel rolls, shrimp, salad, and of course soft serve.
After dinner, we made our first major Florida mistake and didn’t cover the stroller. It was soaked! So we would be carrying Katie the rest of the night ( I think my arms still hurt). We went to try to do Little Mermaid, but didn’t make it into the show so instead we went across to Frozen Sing Along. Everyone enjoyed this and Ben was hilarious!
It wasn’t quite time for our Fantasmic entrance so we poked in shops, but I have to say the shopping this trip was lackluster. Then we headed to Fantasmic. We strung lights all over the stroller so we could find it at the end. At this point Katie was fussy so I took her to walk around until the show started, praying she’d just sleep but no go. Once the show started she was fine and fell asleep halfway through. I should mention she doesn’t really get scared. Loud noises etc don’t bother her. It was actually the kiddiest rides that she got a little nervous on this trip-Aliens, Dumbo, and Carrousel. She loved shows and dark rides.
Fantasmic was amazing. We were a bit confused when they were missing the Snow White float. I got a bit teary at the end-must be the music. When we left I was the one to carry Katie all the way to the bus stop at the other end of the world. I truly felt like one of those warrior people in reality tv. Leaving the park though, there were gorgeous fireworks through the streets as the Star Wars ones were going off. Because of this, the bus line was not crazy and we got back pretty easily, my mom still cursing the bus stop location.

Overall, a productive and great first day.


I love TSM, our favorite, lol. Thanks for heads up on aliens. If we cant get a FP, we’ll skip it. I was leaning that way also. I love the buses for Pop. I thought they have some of the best bus service but like all value resorts, the longest walk to and from parks. And Katie and Minnie… Im dead! She is too cute! She looks so suprised to see Minnie.


TSM is super fun, better than Buzz I think. We truly wanted Aliens to be something unique or fun but it really wasn’t. We love amusement parks so I’m not against more traditional rides, but we go to Disney for the magic and theming and Aliens lacks that. She was super surprised to see Minnie and couldn’t get enough of her.

Super cute pics!

We got charged for our grocery delivery even though we brought it to the room ourselves. Maybe I should have asked for it to be removed.

Day 2 Magic Kingdom
Woohoo! Finally at my favorite place. We got on the MK bus about 7am to go in for the EMH. We got into the park easily and waited about 10 or so minutes until they let us into the rides. The original plan was to do Space and Buzz but last minute I sent my family into the Mine Train line. We had a Fastpass for 3:30 but I really wanted to be able to get some SDFPs so I thought we could do this and then modify all the others to earlier times. It took the full first hour for both of our groups to do the MineTrain then we joined the masses to RD Frontierland. I modified our Mine Train to 9am Jungle Cruise, our Splash to 10am, and Peter Pan to 11. We did Big Thunder standby and swap and then headed to Jungle Cruise. Our skipper was good and it was fun, but it’s one of our only need to do once rides. We then rode Pirates with about a 10 minute wait. Katie did great with this and liked walking through the queue. Then we went back to use our Splash FP and the ride was down. Splash is my all time favorite so I was super bummed! Our Splash converted so I wanted to save it to come back.
We then decided to hop in standby for Haunted Mansion before our Peter Pan FP. This was our most painful wait of the trip-about 40 minutes and I was a bit heat sick so it was super unpleasant. But the ride is of course amazing and Katie was a champ. Parasol girl is key, my family thought I was magic always being the first people on the ride. After, we quickly went to Peter Pan, which is also one of my absolute favorites. Just total Disney Magic there.
By this time we were late to BOG lunch, but they were fine with it. Everyone needed some AC and rest time. Food was great (just love the Croque) but the service is much much slower than our last trips in 2013 and 2014. Seemed to be much more inefficient.

After lunch, I decided to play the one FP at a time game. We went to PhillarMagic, which everyone loved and picked up a Pooh FP. Pooh is Katie’s love so she adored the ride. Picked up a Small World FP but it closed so we got an Anytime to use later for Space. Then picked up Under the Sea. We kept checking to see if Splash would reopen, but no luck.
So off to Tomorrowland we went. We got into a super long Space Mountain FP line, while I worked on getting a Buzz FP and modifying it. Hubby took Katie first and she napped in the stroller. Ingrid and I got to ride Space twice and had a blast! Then we did the PeopleMover, which Katie loved. After, we did Buzz and Monsters. I am just terrible at Buzz I truly don’t really get it. But the sets are fun. We were desperately hoping to do Splash before needing to leave for dinner but it was still down, so we went back to Small World, which Katie adored.
We also grabbed some snacks that we’d been eying on DFB. At this point, I don’t think we’d even used a snack credit yet. We had a reservation at Narcoosees for 7:40 so we took the monorail to Grand Floridian.
This was our second time at Narcoosees and it is special to us because we had our post wedding dinner here in 2013 so it was worth using 2 table service credits. We were a little worried about Katie with it being a quieter fancier place but she was awesome. She loved the bread and ate so much of it. Our server was excellent and couldn’t believe that Katie was 1. Still awake and 2. So quiet and behaved—a true Disney miracle! Dinner was superb. Mom has surf and turf, hubby and Ingrid had steak, and I had the shrimp. Everything was amazing. They even made our desserts say Happy Anniversary. We went out on the dock to watch the fireworks and crazily enough Katie was still up.
Afterwards, I ordered a MinnieVan knowing there was no easy way to get to Pop. It took about 20 minutes to get there which gave us enough time to enjoy the band in the GF lobby. We were all exhausted, but had a great day. MinnieVans were great to use but so overpriced. We just felt it was our only choice because of needing a car seat.


@missoverexcited that’s crazy, they definitely should not have charged you!

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Ah well. It’s a drop in the ocean to what the trip cost and I’ll know next time.

Day 3 “Break, but not really Day”
After our first two crazy days, it was time to sleep in. I must have run everyone crazy cuz even the baby slept until about 8:30. I thought we’d have pool time, but didn’t because we wanted to go to the boardwalk before lunch. So we hopped a bus to HS and then a boat to the boardwalk. Being able to take the stroller on the boat was great and the boat ride is very peaceful. Once at the boardwalk we first filled mugs at cafe which was a great place to fill resort mugs. Then we walked over to Seabreeze Point. There was no event so we had the spot to ourselves.
This was from our wedding there in 2013

And this is from this trip
After we walked and browsed the shops. A super sweet CM gave our girls TinkerBell pins. And lastly, we waited for Boardwalk Joes to open to get a margarita. I ordered a MinnieVan to bring us to AKL because we had a 1:00 reservation at Sana’a and off we went.

We had never been to AKL and it is just gorgeous. Had some time before being seated to look for animals. Lunch was excellent. I paid extra for bread service and wished I had just had this and dessert instead of using a meal credit. But I enjoyed the Safari Amber and personally thought butter chicken was just okay. Hubby made a friend during lunch.

From there we bussed to AK to use some FPs. Just as we walked into the park, the bird show was going on in front of the tree which was a lovely surprise. We first did the safari, which was great. Then did Kali, Everest, and Dinosaur. My mom and I got to go around Kali twice because they didn’t want to unload the handicap raft. We were just the extra lucky riders. They actually offered to send us again but we asked to exit as our other family was waiting to ride.
Around 730 we went into Pandora for our FOP FP. This was our first time in Pandora and it is amazing!! I sent the first group and waited with Katie and then I got to ride. It was truly incredible and 100% lives up to the hype. After I mobile ordered at Satuli and the food was quick and tasty. Very strong flavors. I had shrimp with salad and the shrimp was surprisingly very spicy but it was still good. We also had to look everywhere for bandaids as mom had a blister the size of Texas. We headed out after a late dinner and I hoped to catch the awakenings but just saw the tree lit up. Pandora was a family hit. Although AK doesn’t have a lot for littles, Katie still seemed enchanted with it and we planned to be back the next day.


Love the pic from your wedding!


Thank you! It was so awesome. 11 people… low key. A true escape.


Day 4 Back at Animal Kingdom

Was able to get the troops on a bus at about 8:10. We ended up in the park just at opening and RD Navi River. We were on and off in about 10 minutes. I had heard lackluster reviews of this ride since it opened, but everyone truly loved it, we thought it was magical. Then we rushed off to do Safari standby about a 25 minute wait.
We had FPs to use for Everest and Rapids and also did the Tiger Trail. Special nod to the pretzel outside of Everest which was a great AK snack. Then we got lunch at Yak and Yeti cafe. No mobile order here, but it wasn’t crowded. This is not the most popular place, but we always enjoy the honey chicken and Safari beer.
After we headed off to our FOP FP. The family let me do this one twice this time and it’s just so incredible. Makes you so happy.

We also bumped into Kevin in the morning. After we headed to FOTLK, which we got into easily. I like the new theater it felt a little more intimate and the show as always was great. Katie was clapping and dancing through most of it. We then went over to the bug show. I have memories of Ingrid hating this when she was little so I worried a bit about Katie but she loved it as well.
We wrapped up with Dinosaur ( I picked up a same day FP) and had a little extra time before needing to leave for dinner so we too Katie on triceratops spin. She was very uncertain of the whole thing.
Then off we had to go because we had a reservation for Storybook Dining at 5:30pm. I personally wished we could have done Navi and FOP more times.
We took the bus to Wilderness Lodge which was stunning! The restaurant let us know that they were behind so we filled our mugs and relaxed in the lobby. Then we finally got seated.
Our server let us know that the dwarves and Snow White would come by and we would get a special invite to the Queen. Overall this meal was fun. Great character interactions. I thought the food was nothing special. Mushroom soup was good and salmon was okay but the vegetable was weak. Dessert also was just okay. But we love the dwarves and Katie was enchanted by Snow White.
We took a MinnieVan back and were grateful for an early night back. Mom watched Katie while we got to enjoy some palm tree time by the pool. A pretty great day!




Your baby is adorable and your stepdaughter is beautiful and looks like a sweetheart.

I’m really enjoying your report!

Thank you! We are blessed with some great girls. Ingrid is a super big sister and was super helpful during the trip. She was always on fold up stroller duty. I took her for her first trip when I was dating her dad and it happened to be my college graduation. We surprised her (she was 7). And have spoiled her with two other trips besides this one—so she’s def got the Disney weakness too!


Thanks miss! Loving yours too hoping to get back to it tonight or tomorrow am.

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Thanks! I wish I’d managed to get more done before I went back to work, I will be even slower posting it now!