Back again with another trip report!

Hitting the road tomorrow for a visit to WDW, so time to fire up a trip report.

The Overview:
Wed-Mon trip with 8 adults and 2 kids (4 and 10mo). The crew is made up of my brother, his wife, their kids, and her parents and siblings. In the past, I have helped my sister-in-law’s family plan their trip and managed all of their FPP remotely. The last time, it went so well, that they vowed to take me with them on their next trip…and here we are! I am hoping I can still deliver even though all of my FP magic is gone. I am an AP, but the rest of the group has 4 day PH tickets. We are staying at the Swan Reserve. I am a big fan of the Swolphin, so really looking forward to staying at the new property. We do plan on using Genie+ and I imagine some ILL here and there as well. Their family has a bigger budget for these trips that I usually do for my more frequent trips, so looking forward to some new experiences.

Wed - driving down solo from Charleston, SC midmorning. Hope to check in, drop bags and then I will head to a reservation at Steakhouse 71 for dinner before heading to MK for the Deluxe Extra Hours. The rest of the group is flying/driving in separately.
Thurs - MK, dinner at Be Our Guest
Fri - AK, probably hopping over to Epcot in the evening
Sat - HS, reservations for Oga’s
Sun - Epcot, I have a reservation for Space 220 lounge, others in the group are doing Teppan Edo for dinner. Mostly focused on FARTS booths
Mon - departure day for me, but planning to head back into Epcot for the morning/lunch before hitting the road.

I am nervous about the crowds and wait times lately, plus delivering the same experience I have for this group in the past. But I know it is going to be a great time. The weather is looking lovely, and I’ve had good experiences getting some value out of G+ in my last two trips.

This will likely not be a totally live trip report like I usually manage, just since I will need to be on my phone for G+ cruise directing. But will definitely be posting here often throughout the trip! Now it’s off to pack!


Safe travels! Have fun!

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I hope you are successful, but I would imagine they will appreciate anything you do. Most of all enjoy yourself!


Got on the road about an hour ago. Should arrive to the Swan Reserve around 4 to get checked in.


Can’t wait to follow along! Have a great trip!


Yeehaw!!! Have a great trip!

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This is too many people. Drop some.


You are so right. They offered to have someone ride down with me but I needed the 6.5 hour drive solo to mentally prepared to be around people for 5 days.


Checked into the Reserve. It’s really nice. Is obviously brand new. We’ve got two connecting rooms and another across the hall.

I’ll get more shots of the hotel at some point but for now I’m driving over to the Contemporary for my Steakhouse 71 reservation!


First up is the Bacon and Eggs appetizer.
Great flavor on the pork belly. Do wish it was a slightly larger scoop of grits, but still tasty.


For the main course went with the NY Strip with Mac and Cheese and the Bernaise. It’s cooked perfectly to order. The Mac and Cheese has a crumb topping which I’m 99% sure is Goldfish. It’s all delicious and $36 for a real and a side at Disney feels like a bargain.


Wrapping up dinner and I’m stuffed. MK lines are still kind of crazy, but once I get the bill and walk over and may just grab Starbucks and enjoy a walk around the park until folks start moving towards Enchantment.

Taking advantage of the Deluxe evening hours tonight, but there’s nothing that’s a must do on my list, so will play it all by ear based on the crowds!


So reasonable I worry they will get Chapek-ed.
A leisurely stroll around MK sounds lovely. Have fun!



5 min wait to meet Mickey, so said hello and then made my way down Main Street. Not as crowded an hour out from fireworks as I expected.





Tasted like beef :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:joy: I thought gator tasted like chicken :rofl:


Seems like there is one acceptable way to waste some timing waiting for the crowds to clear out (wait times are crazy still)