Baby care centers... Open during partie?

I am assuming the baby care centers are open during mnsshp… I have never used one before :slight_smile: might be taking ds8 months to party in the late evening… Any tips on babies in park or using baby care centers??

I’ve only been to WDW with older children, but I remember that the Touring Plans blog had an FAQ post about the baby care centers recently. Here’s the link.

I hope this helps a bit. Maybe someone with personal experience will chime in too.

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Thank you!!! Never been with a little guy so this is all new to me :slight_smile:

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I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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I know this post is a few months old- but question about baby care centers popped up :slight_smile: Our youngest will have just turned 2 - definitely still in diapers when we go to WDW in May. Our older children will be 4, 5, and 7. Would it be appropriate for us to still use the care centers with children at these ages? I doubt CMs would mind, but just don’t want to cause us any problems and they sound so perfect!

The thing that I found out about with the baby care center at mk was it was out of the way when I really needed it… I’m not mentioning names but my ds4months deff got his diaper changed on the wall outside dumbo at 11 pm! Haha! I remember taking ds when he was 2 and potty training… We made sure to stop at almost every potty! Not sure about having older kids using the baby center but I’m sure the cm wouldn’t mind… The only thing is I think all the pity’s are small??? I’m sure another liner knows this answer :slight_smile: