B&C Kitchen Sink

My youngest is too young to remember our last trip to WDW. But he does remember eating a bucket of ice cream with his siblings at the water parks. We will not be going to the water parks this time. I had seen pictures of a cute Mickey Mouse themed “kitchen sink” that you can share and take home the “sink” as a souvenir. When I look at the pictures of the B&C kitchen sink, it appears to come in a large silver sink. Can you get it in the take home Mickey Mouse sink? We have reservations to go to B&C for this reason. Thanks for the help.

There is a smaller to-go version of the kitchen sink. The “sink” is a pair of Mickey pants. It’s a nice souvenir.

The big sink that they serve inside B&C doesn’t go home with you.

I believe you can also get the to-go one at The Plaza Ice Cream shop.


The Mickey Mouse one is a mini kitchen sink, not the big one in the silver bowl. I’m pretty sure you can get it at B&C, I think also at The Plaza ice cream parlour in MK.


great minds…

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Okay, I’ll ask them about that. I didn’t want to get the one at the Plaza because I don’t want to carry around a sticky bowl at the park. :grin:

You could bring a gallon ziploc bag with you when you go to the Magic Kingdom for the purpose of carrying the sticky bowl back to your hotel!

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The bowl is about 4.5" x 3.75" x 2.75",


You can wash it out, then it won’t be sticky! If you have a bag then would it fit in there?

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