Awesome Trip - Oct 25 - 31

Just had to share how delightful our entire trip was! I took my nephew, his wife and their almost 3 year old (he turned 3 just a few days after we returned). We arrived Tuesday morning at MCO and received our room ready text before even getting onto Magical Express. Did not get the room we requested which made me a bit nervous but I wasn’t going to worry about it. We were staying at CBR in a pirate room and I was concerned because of everything I’ve read about what a long walk it would be to Port Royale. I have to say, for us, it wasn’t a problem at all! We were in room 3612 facing a courtyard (which was perfect for us!). The 3 year old and I made that walk every morning to get breakfast and to use the playground while his parents slept in. He loved the pirate room and sleeping on a “ship”!

We would usually get to the parks by 10:00 AM and by 1:00 the toddler was exhausted so we would head back to the room for him to nap. One of the most enjoyable parts of this trip for me was sipping blood orange lemonade slushies with vodka in the courtyard while he napped. Since our room opened onto the courtyard we three adults would prop the door open and sit outside just chatting. This is not something we usually have no time for in our real lives so it was marvelous!

We had park hoppers so most days we started in one park then after the nap would head to another. Here’s one of my favorite photos from the entire trip. We met up with two of my nieces and the husband of one of them. That was a mistake! They were pretty miserable so we limited out time with them!

We also attended our first Halloween party which was so much fun! Here’s my little group all dressed and ready to go! The baby liked the parade but the rest of the time he just wanted to ride the rides. His favorite that night was It’s a Small World! He and I road it 3 times in a row!!! The adults went to find something to eat while he and I had fun.

Speaking of food I made sure to choose restaurants we hadn’t eaten at when I took them 2 years ago. The only exception was Tusker House. My nephew loves this restaurant so that was the first place we ate when we arrived. We were heavy on character meals which we all enjoyed. The toddler enjoyed the idea of seeing characters but when they actually got to our table he was rather shy. He asked me to hug each of them and get my photo taken and, of course, I obliged. My favorite treat our whole week was the nutella waffle. OMG!!! I may have to buy a waffle iron just so I can make these at home!

I didn’t intend to make this such a long report so I’ll stop now. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Thanks for reading!


What great pictures! I really love your costumes! Did you eat other meals at the food court? How was the food in general there?

Thanks for sharing, sounds like you had a great trip. What restaurants did you eat at?

The kids really enjoyed a fish sandwich and burger from the food court. And the baby enjoyed his chicken fingers and fries served in a beach pail including the shovel! The kids also really liked the pudding and worms dessert. I had a bit of the chicken strips which were good but didn’t try anything more. The kids have very plain tastes in food and eat out frequently whereas I like a bit more sophistication in my meals and rarely eat out. Glad you liked the photos!


We did the Garden Grille for dinner. Huge portions were brought out to us and everything was tasty. We also had a great waiter named Daniel who was a lot of fun! We had lunch at T-Rex one day because dinosaurs and toddlers go hand in hand. The food was very good and the baby loved the meteor showers! Warning, it is quite loud in there. Crystal Palace for breakfast was nice. Typical breakfast food but everyone loved the chocolate croissants. The kids had a date night and went to Raglan Road one night. They really enjoyed their meal there. Trails End at Fort Wilderness one night was our last dinner there. Food was good and our waitress was very attentive.


Aren’t you a wonderful Auntie!!

Great pictures. LOL about the miserable nieces!

Glad you had fun and made some great memories.


I second how wonderful you are!! How special that you make these wonderful memories for your family!! Glad you all had a great time and distanced yourselves from the bad!

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