AWESOME Program, but

Hi. I wanted to say this is an amazing program. I love it. It is so helpful and takes a lot of the stress of planning off my shoulders.

I do have a couple of “User feedback suggestions” that I thought would be helpful to users if that’s ok. :slight_smile:

While editing a plan for the Magic Kingdom, I am planning an 8:00 breakfast at Crystal Palace, then going to the Main Street station for the WDWRR, taking it to the Frontierland station and getting off to go to Thunder Mnt. it would be nice to be able to select WDWRR and have drop menus to select departure station and destination station or round trip. That way the program could calculate the duration and walk times more accurate and the map could indicate #a #b (ie if taking the WDWRR from MS to Frontierland is the 2nd thing I plan to do, it would be 2a at MS and 2b at Frontierland stations. If round trip then it would be as it currently is. )

Wish we had options for making plans on non-park days. Like our arrival day, we are just going to resort hop and catch a show or whatever, but it would be nice to be able to put that info in the same way we do for park days.

It would be cool if we could edit/modify the Checklist menu to add or delete or customize options.

That’s all I have for now. I hope this post isn’t taken the wrong way. I know this isn’t as easy and I really appreciate the hard work it must have taken to do this.

Thanks again.


I was thinking the exact same thing about the off days. What I’m doing is basically looking at the day, picking a plan from a park with the hours that match mine and wiping all the information. Then, I rename it, and put in all my events as custom breaks.

Which is a bit of work and not as easy to reference as a park plan, a blank slate would be better, with categories such as meals, attractions, etc. that are customizable. But at least this way it’s with my plans.


Not to detract you from your main point…but for the next couple years, the railroad is closed down until the Tron Coaster opens. So, I would alter your plans to NOT include the Railroad. :slight_smile:


It’ll be reopend by Summer 2019 as will the Speedway.

Speedway is supposed to reopen, but I haven’t been anything about the train opening. If it does open, it will be shuttle form.

The WDWRR will be open to full operations before Star Wars Land opens.

If you do a Google search for “walt disney world railroad closure” you will find several sources to support this, including THIS site itself, (

That is why Disney/construction filed their permit to start steel work and they are working in the Speedway/WDWRR track area first to get it done quickly.

Interesting information. Last time I worked on my plans for June the RR showed it was still closed. Maybe this is a recent update? “Summer 2019” is definitely way before GE opening. Guess I will hope for some pixie dust and will get to ride the train.
I agree with your suggestion about being able to put in station to station but it has been suggested many times and never changed. :smirk:

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Well, hopefully you’re right. I know a few places say it is opening Summer 2019, but others are reporting that opening date is Unknown/TBD even though they have the other information about opening of the Speedway, etc.

The train is trickier than the Speedway because Tron is built directly over it. So, the thought is that if it opens, it will open in shuttle mode, going back and forth between Main Street and Frontierland and then reverse back to Main Street. Of course, there would be no reason they couldn’t operate that way right NOW, but they aren’t.

TP just changed the WDWRR date today. When I checked this morning, it said “Summer 2019”, now it says “unknown”. I noticed it because I was changing one of my October 2019 TPs and I got the notice “Walt Disney World Railroad - Fantasyland is closed for this date.” :frowning:


Oh boy. My DS9 will have a fit if Speedway and the WDWRR are down in June.

I’m not surprised that it is now back to “Unknown” even though it would be great to have it back in time for the SWGE opening and its influx of guests.

Disney implied that the WDWRR would be down for at least a year in the original announcement saying that it would return in time for the 50th anniversary. TouringPlans had “Unknown” as their return date. Disney Tourist had an article on the railroad’s closing for an extended time.

The Speedway should be operational by June. Touring Plans Refurbishment Schedule currently lists 5/18/2019 as the re-opening of the Speedway. Specific re-opening dates are a good sign

Sadly, the train will probably not be operational. :frowning: My family is going in late May and my father LOVES the train.

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The WDWRR will be open in time for Star Wars land to open. I have no worries or doubts about that at all. As I said above, they got permits to to steel work for the areas in Speedway and over the track so they can get both rides back up and running ASAP. Then they can do the rest of the work for Tron without disturbing other attractions.

Personally, I think they need to use this opportunity to build a Tomorrowland RR station.


If the WDWRR is down why is the train tour is still going on?

Thanks @Pigsispigs!

The train tour is in lieu of the train actually running. Since you can’t ride it, they are giving you an opportunity to get up close and personal with the train itself.

They as good as have one. If you use the Fantasyland station (highlighted in red), you can use the pathway to get to Tomorrowland pretty quickly (following the blue). It is a BIT of a walk, but not bad, particularly since that path is fairly lightly trodden.


Yeah, but that path is all dug up now. No idea if that will re-open, I think it depends on how the speedway is r-routed.

The artwork suggests it will re-open:


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The train tour has been around for years and it includes a ride around the park.