Avoiding Lines on Three Must-Do’s in Two Parks

On Tuesday November 16th, we (DW, DD5, DD3, MIL, and FIL) are headed to Hollywood Studios in the morning and then hopping to EPCOT around 4:00pm. We are not planning on rope dropping. Predicted crowd level for HS is a 6 and EPCOT is a 3.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to avoid lines for MMRR, FEA, and the RAT.

I’m not opposed to purchasing ILLs for these attractions.

The best I can come up with is purchase ILL for MMRR and FEA, and then hope for a Boarding Group for RAT in the after 1:00pm window.

Am I remembering correctly that you have to be in the park to get a boarding group after 1:00pm?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I would get a boarding group at 7am. You can arrive at Remy after your boarding window. Lines do build up through the day because you can arrive later, but are still doable.

You cannot get a BG for RAT if HS is your APR and you cannot enter EP until after 2 so your only option would be to purchase an ILL.


They might still be available at 2pm? I think they have been some days. But if it’s a must do the ILL is the only way to go.


Ah, forgot that wrinkle!! Sorry!!!

Is there any data in boarding groups being available after 2:00pm?

I’m leaning towards buying ILL for MMRR and RAT, and standby for FEA. Unless I can convince the family to get to HS early then we can rope drop MMRR.

Thanks everyone for the help so far!

There are those that have made their APR for EPCOT, Booked the VQ for RAT, cancelled their APR for EPCOT and re-booked the APR for HS.

I have not tried this.


Interesting, I would have not thought of this.

If it were me, that is what I would do.

I would only do this if you’re not going on a busy day (like Thanksgiving or Christmas week). Most days don’t run out of park reservations these days, but keep an eye on the calendar just in case that changes.

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